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Synonyms for jazz

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles

a style of dance music popular in the 1920s

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play something in the style of jazz

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In addition, thematic practical and informative programs with master classes of musicians, exhibitions of paintings and photographs, and lectures on worldwide cinematic jazz soundtracks will be presented.
The 2019 Jazz on the Square Woodstock Jazz Festival will kick off at 7 p.m.
Thrilled at this achievement, Jazz Chief Digital Officer, Aamer Ejaz, said:
"I have always loved jazz. For me, it is the truest form of music music in its purest, rawest and most-genuine form," says Ken Mwara, The Limericks band leader and music director.
The day is celebrated to bring together musicians, communities, artists, and jazz music lovers all over the world to learn about jazz and its roots, future of this form of music and impact on the coming generations, raise awareness on the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and reinforce international cooperation and communication.
"I want to be able to exercise a little bit more freedom and a little bit more control in my life so by the time I do go to college, I can be fully prepared for that lifestyle," Jazz told her parents, as shown in the clip below.
Psillides was also part of the Jazz Futures workshops while he went on to expand his drum and jazz performance skills in New York, being taught by the well-known drummer Jean-Pierre Bouvet.
Jazz Super 4G caravan along with some renowned social media Influencers is visiting three universities - College of Business Management, Iqra University, and Institute of Business Management.
Jazz Super 4G offers exactly that and through our experiential bus tour, we are looking to ensure people realise that their digital lifestyle is about to change," said Kazim Mujtaba, Head of Marketing, Jazz.
"We are delighted to welcome young and talented jazz artists from 16 countries from around the world," says Diana Briezkalne, Director of Riga Jazz Stage.
Legendary among those associated with the early Black college jazz tradition, Erskine Hawkins played trumpet in the famed 'Bama State Collegians of State Teachers College (Alabama State University) and led the group when he and his bandmates took up residency in New York City in 1934 to perform as a professional ensemble.
In a rare exploration of these issues in Greece Tsioulakis (2011) undertook an ethnomusicological study of jazz-trained professional musicians in Athens and found that jazz music existed as an "almost invisible subculture" (p.
Likened to a verbal conversattion, a jazz piece is never played the same way even by the same musician, although the beginning and the end are sustained.
Hundreds of music lovers enjoyed the swinging sounds of jazz by world renowned Jazz artist Wynton Marsalis, who headlined the official inauguration of Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha - the Middle East's new home for jazz - at The St.