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small large-mouthed tropical marine fishes common along sandy bottoms

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Lets Jaw About Jawfish. (Consultado: 1 agosto 2011, http://reefkeeping.com/ issues/2002-03/hcs3/index.php).
Male mouth brooding in jawfishes (Opistognathidae): constraits on polygyny.
The jawfish, on the other hand, is a small and timid fish.
Like a lackey clinging on to the big man on campus, the black-marble jawfish was seen closely following a mimic octopus as it moved across the sandy bottom.
Kopp sent the video to Rich Ross and Luiz Rocha of the California Academy of Sciences, who identified the jawfish species.
"This is a unique case in the reefs not only because the model for the jawfish is a mimic itself, but also because this is the first case of a jawfish involved in mimicry," said Dr.
The jawfish and butterflyfish groups are comprised primarily (91-99%, respectively) of a single species, namely, the yellowhead, Opistognathus aurifrons, and spotfin, Chaetodon ocellatus, respectively.
Jawfish and drum are primarily caught in the third quarter and each contribute relatively little in the first quarter.
For example, in 1998 the average unit price for angelfish and hogfish both exceeded $8 per fish, while the unit price for damselfish, jawfish, wrasse, butterflyfish, and drum were less than $3 (Table 6).
Jawfish is perhaps the only species group whose landings per trip have increased over time; the average catch rate per trip increased from nearly 11 fish per trip in 1990 to over 27 per trip in 1998.
After burrowing in the Caribbean seafloor to lay hundreds of eggs, the female jawfish splits, leaving dad to scoop up all the eggs in his mouth.
Jawfish are named for their big heads and large jaws.
Abstract: Three of four new jawfishes described herein have sexually dimorphic jaws and dichromatic maxillary markings: O.
Key Words: New species, new records, jawfishes, Costa Rica, Gulf of California, Galapagos.
Jawfishes are widespread in the eastern Pacific, ranging from the outer coast of Baja California and the Gulf of California south to Colombia, and at the oceanic islands Isla del Coco, Revillegigedos, and Galapagos Archipelago.