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dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collar

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So far, it seems to be working; I know of no dogs wearing bells who have been torn up by either animal (although I have heard of javelinas ripping up dogs wearing beeper collars, so go figure).
I set my bow down and had just put on my raingear when I spotted some javelina heading our way.
The collared peccary, or javelina, is a salt-and-pepper gray animal with a distinctive "collar" of yellowish-white hair running diagonally from the middle of the back forward across the shoulders to the lower neck.
However, other species, such as javelina, did select for the more rugged and high-elevation areas that hogs and coyotes avoided.
Eldorado welcomes the PPS solution to its Javelina product suite which supports health plans and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and can be deployed in a componentized or enterprise footprint.
Winston Gitonga of KAM Hospitality Group represented Javelina.
chance to take the 73 to the Texas Gulf Coast in late winter, where we could hunt nilgai, feral hogs and javelina. Nilgai are out of the question for a .357--not enough gun--but hogs and javelina would be OK.
Future Oracle eAM implementations for MarkWest Energy will be led by Global PTM in Javelina, TX; Majorsville, WV; Sherwood, WV; and Mobley, WV.
Istarted the 2011 hunting season on New Year's Day in Arizona bowhunting javelina and mule deer with my good friend, Trent Swanson with Swarovski Optik.
And one can't forget Poindexter, the javelina, who's been set free in the desert and misses eating brussel sprouts and TV time with his owner yet manages to lumber his way into the lottery ticket caper.
Everyone remembers the childhood song, "I'm a Little Teapot," but the author of this book uses the melody and changes the words to "I'm a Javelina." The physical description and behavior of this desert animal is carefully crafted to fit the tune, and the illustrations by Sherry Neidigh reflect the text content and are colorful drawings.
A short drive in the Verde Valley took me to the boutique vineyards of family-owned Page Spring Cellars, Oak Creek Vineyards and Javelina Leap Winery, where associated proprietor Russell Balda said Arizona wine had become a "cult" in the last few years, with demand exceeding supply.
Cellars, Javelina -Cellars, Javelina -TRAVEL INFORMATION TRAVEL INFORMATION .
The actress said she recently wrapped filming an offbeat horror movie called Javelina: "It was like Jaws with a desert and monster pigs.