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an open two-wheeled one-horse cart formerly widely used in Ireland


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The woman's daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren were behind in another jaunting car but did not see the accident.
You won't miss the dramatic scenery, you'll dodge the queues for jaunting cars and river cruises and be taken to the hottest night spots around and all included in the cost of your holiday.
After a hearty Irish breakfast we ditched the coach and left the hotel on a jaunting car for an hour's ride through Killarney National Park.
"All that riding and jaunting cars...none of that is going to happen,'' said a Government spokesman.
They had released a statement say that ministers on jaunting cars, horseback and in open boats would send out the clearest message - rural Ireland was open to visitors again after the foot-and-mouth crisis.
A UDC spokeswoman said the nappies would be attached to the jaunting cars and will catch the horse droppings.
"We have had discussions with the jarveys as there are particular traditional jaunting cars unique to Killarney and we need to a get a design that works with them," the spokeswoman said.
Between about 11 and 4, four-passenger horse-pulled jaunting cars ($14 to $21) or a pony ($14) are for rent.
Now a counter proposal to axe the nappy plan is being put forward by local councillor Donal Grady whose family own jaunting cars.
TOURIST chiefs have kicked up a stink after jaunting cars were again banned from a top tourist spot yesterday.
F OR the first time in more than 70 years, horse-drawn carriages and jaunting cars will transport tourists from local hotels and cruise ships around the historic City of Derry next year
The NPWS said up to 66 jaunting cars operate in the park and they had been repeatedly reminded of the new requirement since the beginning of June.
Yesterday the jaunting cars continued to operate along 15 kilometres of internal roadway in the park which stretches from the town to Ross Castle and along the byways of the Muckross area.
He also warned that the nappies may not be compatible with the jaunting cars, putting their traditional and attractive design at risk.
and it like a It's The whole weekend was a laugh a minute, especially the day we went for a ride on a jaunting car in Killarney.