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Synonyms for jauntiness

stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance

a breezy liveliness

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Approaching the newly-painted Herd Groyne lighthouse - we both love its rust-red jauntiness - we pass Emma's riverside house, where small shipyards once stood.
There's a jauntiness to Drunk For Fifteen Years, Martin Mackie's new single, that belies the maudlin subject matter - a man considering life from the discomfort of his hospital bed.
Lewis Hamilton had plenty of reasons to be cheerful Lewis Hamilton had plenty of reasons to be cheerful |At Silverstone until a breakdown in second practice at Silverstone until a breakdown in second practice robbed him of his Union Jack jauntiness.
The first Roosevelt shared with the second a jauntiness, a joy in struggle, a delight in naming his enemies, and a capacity for rallying the people.
When he wakes, he remembers little of the evening before and affects a jauntiness before leaving her for what she knows will be the last time.
Vocal styles range from the melodious gentleness of youth, represented by Betty (Dolly) White and John MacDonald, through the saucy jauntiness of Willie Townsley, who at one point breaks up chuckling at his own expletive 'Hooh!', and on to the passionate emphatic delivery of Jock White.
Haydn's Emperor Quartet combined both jauntiness and elegance, and Tom Poster collaborated almost concertolike at times with the Carducci in Elgar's enigmatic, rueful Piano Quintet.
Would that we all possessed Machiavelli's jauntiness in the face of worldly adversity, and his sense of the finery's simultaneous mark of respect and bulwark against the misfortunes of this life.
(19) Nordoff finds exactly the right hoedown jauntiness in the introduction and the disjunct vocal line.
By contrast, Hailey Leithauser's villanelle "In My last Past Life" conjures up a mythological lost past, and the inherent jauntiness of the form only strengthens the feeling of increasing desperation as the poem moves towards the desolation of its ending.
It may have the faint whiff of the end of the pier show about it, including cheeky cover artwork of Childs popping his head above a rubber ring, but that doesn't detract from the quality of the endlessly joyful songwriting or the unabashed jauntiness of an album that waves goodbye to summer with a smile smeared across its face.
But the jauntiness is returning to his game, the change of pace to flat-foot defenders was evident at times and textbook technique resurfaced in the form of the volley that led to Frank Lampard's decisive goal.
There is a general air of jauntiness and good humour at Rowley's Shropshire stables, and why wouldn't there be after a personal-best season in 2010-11 when highlights included Billyvoddan's victory in the AGA final at Cheltenham?
Given its coded grammar, and within its chosen conceptual parameters, the exhibition was fluent and convincing; the artist, who previously sometimes tended toward jauntiness, demonstrated an increase in maturity and control.
Yet the jauntiness of the song, which is followed by "an Antick Dance of Gypsies" might also have been so entertaining in itself that it distracted the audience from Photin's final lines.