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Synonyms for jaundiced

Synonyms for jaundiced

affected by jaundice which causes yellowing of skin etc

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showing or affected by prejudice or envy or distaste

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Duration of labour was associated with neonatal jaundice, with majority of mothers with jaundiced neonates having prolonged duration of labour compared to the controls.
None of the jaundiced neonates developed kernicterus.
Conclusions: The frequency of hypocalcemia is significant in the jaundiced neonates treated with phototherapy.
All jaundiced pregnant women should be screened for Hepatitis E and closely monitored to save mother and child.
Unbound bilirubin concentration is associated with abnormal automated auditory brainstem response for jaundiced newborns.
One hundred and sixty-three jaundiced neonates were included.
In series of studies from the 1980s, a bilirubin level of 170 - 200 [micro]mol/l was clearly shown to indicate a risk of postoperative complications.[11,21,22] More recent studies have shown that postoperative mortality in patients with a total bilirubin level >342 [micro]mol/l was significantly higher than in those with a total bilirubin level of <342 [micro]mol/l.[80-82] Many researchers therefore propose that PBD should be used when the bilirubin level is >342 [micro]mol/l, but others consider >500 [micro]mol/l a more reasonable level.[83] As an evaluation index of PBD the bilirubin level seems to be rising with advances in medical technology, but experience indicates that the role of liver function in jaundiced patients is also an important factor affecting prognosis.
Jaundice is a common condition and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that 60% of term and 80% of pre-term infants are jaundiced in the first week (NICE, 2010).
present 13 chapters by pediatrics and other specialists from the US, Europe, and Nigeria, who detail the basic science and clinical information for understanding neonatal jaundice and associated brain damage and care of the jaundiced neonate.
The most important part of the physical examination in a patient who is jaundiced is examination of the abdomen.
parents of jaundiced five-day-old babies brought to the hospital, using a specially
Indeed, most parents and health care providers do not seek further investigation for infants with prolonged jaundice, despite the recommendations of the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) that infants who are jaundiced beyond two weeks of age should have a measurement of total and conjugated bilirubin.
Many physicians feel it is easy to tell when a newborn is jaundiced. Actually, jaundice can be difficult to detect in darkly pigmented babies because the light yellow jaundice color is hard to distinguish when superimposed on the baby's dark skin.
The day after the nurse's visit, the parents noticed that the baby was more jaundiced and had started to arch her back, grunt, and whine.