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a variety of leafhopper

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One Jassid be considered equal to five white flies while assessing Jassid infestation.
The important insect pests of brinjal are fruit borer, stem borer, hadda beetle, jassid and whitefly but out of these pest brinjal jassid (Amrasca biguttula biguttula) is regarded as a severe pest of brinjal crop from sucking insect (Mahmood et al.
During 2012, spray started from 24th June as population crossed ETL (1 jassid leaf-1) in all plots and second and third sprays were applied on 8th and 22nd July, respectively.
Farmers should apply 24gm/25ml Thiamethoxam, 125 ml Thiacloprid, 75 ml Chlorfenpyr per acre or their spray in 100 litres of water to control Jassid.
The current findings revealed that aranied fauna as an efficient predator of jassid could be used for the suppression of insect pests of cotton.
2009) studied cotton genotypes against cotton sucking insect pests like thrips, jassid etc.
It was concluded that the jassid and whitefly were recorded as major insect pests on jatropha while termite was related to soil condition.
Almost similar results of botanical pesticides against jassid on cotton were recorded during 2007.
2012) also found that imidacloprid was most effective in controlling the jassid and potato leaf hopper populations.
Polo 500 SC (Diafenthioran) @ 620 ml ha-1 and Confidor 200 SL (imidacloprid) @ 620 ml ha-1 were applied to control the sucking insects (Aphid, Jassid, Whitefly, Thrips and Mites) and Proclaim 019 EC (Emamectin benzoate) @ 500 ml ha-1 and Karate 2.
Performance of imidacloprid, thiomethoxam, acetamaprid and a biocontrol agent (Chrysoperla carnea) against whitefly, jassid and thrips on different cotton cultivars.
Jacobiascalybica (Bergevin & Zanon 1922) also noun by the common name Cotton Jassid, in profile it look like an orthoptera, is an endopterygota, also known as holometabola, class insecta, on order of Hemiptera, family of Cicadellidae and subfamily of Typhlocybinae[29], [30], which includes according to [27]small sized insects.
2012) who studied the effect of sowing dates on the population of aphid, jassid and boll worms population and reported that the pest populations increased from early planted (20th October) to the later planted (17th November and 15th December) cotton that may be due to variability of pest, climatic conditions and its requirement for food.
The population dynamics of five sucking arthropods; whitefly jassid aphid thrips and mites along the growing season was also monitored and correlated with different meteorological factors.
Jassid species recorded on green gram, black gram, and red gram in the Punjab.