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an opaque form of quartz

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Jasper remonstrates, in a tone of gentle deprecation.
Jasper, with a forced smile, stretches out his right hand, as if at once to disarm apprehension and gain time to get better.
When Jasper is restored, he lays a tender hand upon his nephew's shoulder, and, in a tone of voice less troubled than the purport of his words--indeed with something of raillery or banter in it--thus addresses him:
'I thought you had so exactly found your niche in life, Jack,' Edwin Drood returns, astonished, bending forward in his chair to lay a sympathetic hand on Jasper's knee, and looking at him with an anxious face.
'Anyhow, my dear Ned,' Jasper resumes, as he shakes his head with a grave cheerfulness, 'I must subdue myself to my vocation: which is much the same thing outwardly.
Jasper's steadiness of face and figure becomes so marvellous that his breathing seems to have stopped.
Jasper, becoming a breathing man again without the smallest stage of transition between the two extreme states, lifts his shoulders, laughs, and waves his right arm.
Jasper, with his hand to his chin, and with an expression of musing benevolence on his face, has attentively watched every animated look and gesture attending the delivery of these words.
Jasper, still in the same attitude, murmurs: '"Nothing half so sweet in life," Ned!'
Jasper dissolves his attitude, and they go out together.
The couple were offered a 70-hour-perweek care package giving them the option to continue working, but realising their time with Jasper was precious they opted to stay home and care for him themselves.
He had left Jasper with his mum, who was walking him near her home when a "lurcher-type dog" pounced on Jasper and chased him down the road.
They were able to convince the executive "that we are a lot different than what the world sees us as," said Eddie Hopkins, head of the Jasper Economic Development Corporation.
"Jasper is microchipped and has been returned to his owner, but charity bosses want to find the person responsible.