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Synonyms for jargon

Synonyms for jargon

a variety of a language that differs from the standard form

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for jargon

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

a colorless (or pale yellow or smoky) variety of zircon


specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject

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David Whitby of Glassdoor said: "No-one wants to be the office jargon junkie, but who isn't guilty of using some of these buzzwords from time to time?
Often the amount of irritating jargon I use goes up during important presentations and meetings.
So then, what are some of Khamsi's tips to avoid jargon in medical writing?
Startup Jargon Flashcards launched on Kickstarter this week.
All current Jargon Technologies employees will be retained as Giant Interactive employees, and Jargon will continue to provide license and support for Indigo, an authoring system for Ultra HD Blu-ray independently.
A new Global M&A jargon app, Book of Jargon--Global Mergers & Acquisitions--has been launched by law firm Latham & Watkins LLP that includes a glossary of more than 1,500 legal and regulatory terms that make up the code of the corporate mergers and acquisitions and private equity communities around the world.
New app provides glossary of over 1500 legal and regulatory terms, slang and other jargon covering corporate M&A and private equity
London, January 23 ( ANI ): Compared to comprehending the latest tech jargon - or technobabble - most adults find understanding foreign languages a relative doddle, researchers say.
Every Monday, the 32-year-old who is a fully trained hairdresser, puts down his bible and picks up a pair of scissors to cut the hair of customers at Jargon, based at Coulby Newham's Parkway Centre.
Summary paragraph: From aiCIO Magazine's June Issue: Paula Vasan examines the opaqueness of industry jargon and reminds us--and herself--that showing is better than telling.
Philips' book details the frustrations and annoyances of "business speak, jargon and waffle".
Your jargon phrases, weasel words and waffle are doing our heads in.
It is too easy to pay over the odds simply through lack of familiarity with the fares system and its bewildering jargon.
Jargon can be defined as outlandish language of various kinds, such as speech perceived as gibberish or mumbo jumbo, slang, or, most commonly, specialized language of a trade or profession.