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Synonyms for jarful

the quantity contained in a jar


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Spring guns made by Diana BSF in the 1970s buzzed like a jarful of mad hornets when they fired.
It started when chef Gene Gonzalez sent me a jarful of classic Spanish pastry argellanas that I finished all by myself.
I'll definitely watch tonight's second jarful. If only for the catchy theme tune.
I just so happened to have a bumper crop of Misato rose radishes in my garden, facing the season's first hard freeze, so I harvested enough to ferment a jarful. It came out a beautiful pale pink and tastes more like Grandma's sauerkraut than like radishes.
He even resorts to emotional blackmail when all else fails, telling an Elvis Presley superfan who refused to part with The King's wart: "Imagine how disappointed Elvis fans the world over are going to be with you." But there was still hope: "I've had a tip-off that a friend of Elvis's barber has a whole jarful of hair cuttings."