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wit and japery." (27) The second would normally be a group of
Balotelli has gained cult status among football fans for his japery since joining City from Inter Milan.
Matt Smith - for all his japery - can't carry the show.
Labour's Lords leader, Baroness Royall, dismisses the scheme as "juvenile japery" and "clowning about".
For his gig, Nick is promising "One man, one guitar, big sound, dodgy shoes, large night, hearty laughs, jolly japery and more good memories for the head bank."
If prizes were given out for unbridled melodic japery then the band would easily clean up.
Federer is 1-2 to come out on top and Nadal is available at 13-8 with Stan James, but there is potential for too much japery to even think about having a bet.
THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT GAIL COLLINS'S popular history of modern American women is a surprisingly pleasant read--surprising, at least, to anyone expecting instead the reflexive ideological japery of the contemporary New York Times, where Ms.
That said, there's still plenty here to annoy right-wingers, as well as those who, however much they agree with Moore's politics, just can't stomach his oversimplification, on-the-nose sentimentality and goofball japery. Whether "Capitalism" matches "Fahrenheit 9/11" or underperforms like "Sicko" will depend on how much workers of the world are ready to unite behind the message.
"It's important that musicians don't always dodge harsh topics." Being a rocker has its bleaker moments, but there's also japery.
The former Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter entertains a capacity crowd with his unique japery, although anyone of a sensitive nature may need to keep the remote control handy.
"Yes": Flatterer, / little arbiter / of assent / and admission, you cross our lips / with a sycophantic lisp / that Eve heard first / from the mouth / of the trickster, / that maw of tongue / and jaw, of japery / and spleen, into which / she looked just once / perceiving nothing / of consequence.
There is japery here, something slapstick and buffoonish at work, almost a charade quality about them all--as if the deepest things cannot be said but only gestured and mimed.
Cymraeg-Inglish from his first album is a perfect example: after all the tongue-in-cheek japery about bara brith and comparing Welsh speakers with endangered cod, he got to the heart of the matter: we've got to get along, and that means respecting each other's cultures - and languages.
In any case, deadpan japery isn't the cause of disaffection but the result.