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a Turkish soldier

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The Janissaries were generally connected to the latter through the Bektashi sufi order, while other branches of the armed forces tended to be closer to Mevlevi and later Naqshbandi tariqas.
On page 93 of Lord Hattersley's book Edwardians it relates how John Burns (the first working man in the Cabinet) described the British Army as "Janissaries of the Jews" when he combined with Hardie to promote a resolution in the House of Commons attributing the South African war to "Foreigners and Jews".
While many English-language works of military history are justifiably criticized for their relative inattention to non-Western histories, not so here: eight chapters concern non-Western case studies, ranging from Ottoman janissaries to East India Company military labourers to Chinese soldiers during the Qing dynasty.
When sultan's janissaries opposed reforms , he began to develop a new force called Nizam-e- Cedid ( New Order) ( Hussain, 2011).
Particularly this one scene where the Janissaries attack Vlad's people and Vlad.
For instance, chapter 25, "De los oficiales mecanicos de Argel" ("Algerian Laborers and Artisans"), records Sosa's perplexity at how even high-ranking Janissaries practice artisanal trades between military campaigns: "de manera que como entre ellos no hay alguna manera de honra, tampoco hay puntos" (princeps 20r).
The Eunuchs in China, originally conceived to provide sage advice untainted by rent-seeking or avarice, eventually gained enough leverage to steer the government to their advantage, as did the Janissaries in Turkey.
The demonstrators, about 200-300 people dressed in black, who are said to be disgruntled former supporters of Ataka, started hissing its leader, Volen Siderov, shouting "national traitor," "you are Turks," "janissaries," and even obscenities.
These janissaries are Christian boys who are destined to serve as the future Grand Viziers and highest pashas in the Sultan's court.
Janissaries, who were the Turks most feared military officer corps, were also in effect Ottoman policemen or law enforcement officers performing a wide range of civic functions at the behest of the state.
She demonstrates that the Phanariot system bore striking similarity to, and maintained robust linkages with, other patronage networks that crystallized around the ayan (provincial nobility), janissaries, and high officials.
Originally penned in the 1400s, Serbian soldier Konstantin Mihailovic's account of his service with the Ottoman Janissaries is sure to fascinate many and will provide teachers with a valuable resource for classroom use.
Islam was the glue binding the Ottoman empire; a forcibly recruited unit, the janissaries, were converts from Christianity.
These Janissaries (Christian boys conscripted to serve in Ottoman infantry units) were either recruited from Europe or abducted from countries under Ottoman control.
Who or what were the Janissaries? English soccer career?