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like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together


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The evening drew to a close with the rarely performed Smiths track You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby, whose jangly glam-rock riff catapulted the audience into indie ecstasy.
FANS of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion can recreate the amazing Jingly Jangly Jungle at home, with TOMY's incredible interactive toys.
Bestival Live 2011 The Cure's headline slot at Bestival is documented on two CDs, boasting 32 songs from the cream of their jangly pop arsenal spanning more than three decades.
Like someone is taking 60s popular music with its jolly harmonies, swaying heads, carefree attitude, jangly guitars and then smacking you squarely in the face with it.
But, scratch beneath all the fat, fuzzy reverb and snotty bravado, and you'll find yes, it's jangly, and yes, it's certainly catchy.
Stateside ticket sales for this IFC Films pickup could get a boost from the pic's infectious soundtrack of jangly blues-guitar tunes performed onscreen by the Pigram Brothers.
Check it out if you like: The Shins, Real Estate, and other bands who enjoy jangly guitars and sweet vocals.
Headlined by perky post-punk types The Maccabees, you also get jangly pop from Bombay Bicycle Club, droney Jesus and Mary Chain copyists The Big Pink and hotly-tipped indie surf combo The Drums.
Fruit, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Small Giants): The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's jangly feel-good anthem "Around the Bend" is a perfect introduction to the six-piece female-fronted indie band from Copenhagen, Denmark.
SWEET indeed, with a jangly Smithsesque guitar and the emotive voice of Rob Hope, Seneca make melodious music that reminds of Snow Patrol, Cold play, Crowded House, and The Broken Family Band.
This peppy piece of power pop fittingly kicks off with the chiming guitars and distorted organ of "Limo." But "Let's All Get Together" sums up the disc best, as a shimmery sunshine sound with peaks through overcast words: "Listen to the good vibrations fill the atmosphere like bacon / We'll paint Seattle brown." From jangly guitar to prog-rock keyboards, Half Acre Day offers a Saturday morning cartoon kind of happy matched with darker lyrical content, offering the chance to think a little--while you smile and bob your head.
Pierced eardrums abounded, and their jangly chorus was drowned out by howls of derision.
The sort of jangly guitared rock which will get you going wherever you're doing your stuff this summer - picnic in the park or Party In The Park.
These days when two big clubs draw each other, or a non-league team comes out of what used to be a jangly velvet bag but is now something that resembles a goldfish bowl, the old pros on duty invariably raise an eyebrow or give an impromptu "Ooh!".