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Synonyms for jangling

like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together


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It hasn't escaped my attention A seemingly female invention Totalitarian style far right To use the words " Not tonight " It's a jangling irksome habit Not to impersonate a rabbit To gain the upper hand Yet she refuses to understand Furthermore she holds in abeyance His adoration for his conveyance " You love that car more than me " She holds with a lapsed warranty But isn't it a them versus us As common as a scheduled bus She could do worse than realize It's the head that defines capsize So where did togetherness go Conjecture only a guess though.
You'll want one that's not too tight but fits quite snugly so nothing's jangling around.
The jangling guitars create a warm feeling heightened by frontman Andy Bell's strained yet soothing vocals and complimented perfectly by the harmonised "ahhhhs" that instantly evoke a tingling feeling reminiscent of those felt in the summer months.
that bright cloth flapping in the wind its colors jangling, a dappled
Muriel gained fame in various roles but she finished he career as (wait for it) Ena Sharples in Coronation Street and spent most of the time in the Rovers Return, supping stout as well as jangling (gossiping) almost like me (this time).
The song "Hey Now" is great piece of hi-fi cool that could easily have been ripped from a Michael Cera movie; and the stripped-down sound, complete with jangling guitars, of "Love Lab" brings to mind the more melodic fare of the Violent Femmes.
The competition is being held at London St Giles Hotel, which is filled with women sporting saris, jangling gold bangles, bare feet and heavily kohled eyes, reports the Independent.
Strikes from Steven Park and Michael Morrison saw Locos cruising but Jamie Struthers late goal had nerves jangling.
Substitute Dave Gilroy made it 2-0 in the 71st minute, but Hampton skipper Dean Wells set home nerves jangling when he pulled the goal back in the 83rd minute.
Unless it happened to be the merry-go-round from the Magic Roundabout, jingling and jangling inanely.
When Jack is released early on May 29 he'll waltz back to his new pounds 350,000 home with at least pounds 120,000 jangling in his pockets from media interviews.
In the best-of-19-frame match, Fu led 9-8 but Murphy took it to a decider and, with the nerves jangling, left his opponent needing snookers with a remarkable fluked pink before securing a 10-9 victory.
Completing the bill are Newcastle's LEFT AT MONTREAL, whose beautiful soundscapes and jangling guitars make for a band that your ears are going to well and truly fall in love with.
If you're at a loose end and have a few coins jangling in your pocket, get over to the Civic's website and book a couple of tickets for the gig by Elliot Minor on July 27.
Drinnen, who is Australia, said: "If we can take early wickets, which I'm sure we can with the way we've been bowling, we might set a few nerves jangling and cause the likes of Australia and South Africa a few problems.