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Synonyms for jangling

like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together


References in classic literature ?
From where she knelt, jangling her keys, she could see a slit of darkness, and, peering into it, as if it would tell him that "little more," his long, thoughtful face.
Listen and you'll hear all the bells in the city jangling.
There was so strange a turmoil within my own head, and such a jangling of my overstrung nerves, that the indifference of those people was amazing.
He crossed Charles Street between jangling street cars and shelving lumber drays, and after a moment of uncertainty wound into Brimmer Street.
A few meagre shadows flitted to and fro in the misty streets, and occasionally there loomed through the dull vapour, the heavy outline of some hackney coach wending homewards, which, drawing slowly nearer, rolled jangling by, scattering the thin crust of frost from its whitened roof, and soon was lost again in the cloud.
And it comforted her to think that the future was certainly inevitable: cause and effect would go jangling forward to some goal doubtless, but to none that she could imagine.
The three or four domestics resident in the deserted old house came presently at that jangling and continued summons.
He walked out into the court and paced it to and fro; startling the echoes, as he went, with the harsh jangling of his fetters.
It was very strange to walk through the streets on a Sunday morning, and note how few of them the barbarous jangling of bells that was driving the sick and nervous mad, called away from their own quarter, from their own close rooms, from the corners of their own streets, where they lounged listlessly, gazing at all the church and chapel going, as at a thing with which they had no manner of concern.
So, with people lounging and lying wherever shade was, with but little hum of tongues or barking of dogs, with occasional jangling of discordant church bells and rattling of vicious drums, Marseilles, a fact to be strongly smelt and tasted, lay broiling in the sun one day.
At that instant there was a sharp click, the jangling of metal, and Sherlock Holmes sprang to his feet again.
You'll want one that's not too tight but fits quite snugly so nothing's jangling around.
The jangling guitars create a warm feeling heightened by frontman Andy Bell's strained yet soothing vocals and complimented perfectly by the harmonised "ahhhhs" that instantly evoke a tingling feeling reminiscent of those felt in the summer months.
Muriel gained fame in various roles but she finished he career as (wait for it) Ena Sharples in Coronation Street and spent most of the time in the Rovers Return, supping stout as well as jangling (gossiping) almost like me (this time).
The song "Hey Now" is great piece of hi-fi cool that could easily have been ripped from a Michael Cera movie; and the stripped-down sound, complete with jangling guitars, of "Love Lab" brings to mind the more melodic fare of the Violent Femmes.