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Synonyms for jangle

Synonyms for jangle

a metallic sound


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make a sound typical of metallic objects

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So with Blossoms we hear nods to Kate Bush, The Smiths, early U2 and Arctic Monkeys but with massively slick 1980s production values sitting comfortably beside lo-fi janglers.
Or you can simply wait for public TV's Great Performances airings, pay not a cent, and take command of your surroundings, evading those lozenge unwrappers, bracelet janglers, seat squirmers and stage-whisperering conversationalists who so blithely and chronically vex at the Met--unless, of course, you've invited them.
In the medieval poem "The Vision of Piers Plowman" a poet wrote the following: "But jokers and janglers are Judas' children,/ Feigning false fantasies, acting like fools,/ Though they have ample wit to work well if they would.
MADE for the lazybones in your home or annoying spoon janglers in the office.
21) But on the other, sixteenth- and seventeenth-century religious readers of the poem, with all its scorn of janglers and moralistic invectives, would seem to occupy the opposite side of a divide from those who enjoyed attending the playhouse.
Dancers from Jo Janglers Theatre Arts look forward to their Royal Albert Hall dates.
There were other fringe benefits, too: Rock-oriented auds are more willing to buy in the balcony than the families and pearl janglers who show up for trad Broadway attractions.
By turns he explained to me that he's a "weirdo," that he works "in the sticks," and that he doesn't like the picture people have of campus cops as "key janglers.
512-904-0111), including acclaimed SubPop janglers Avi Buffalo, quadruple-threat DJ/songwriter/remixer/producer Baron Von Luxxury, hot LA garage-rockers The Soft Pack, and San Diego-based singer-songwriter Anya Marina, whose music has soundtracked TV's "Grey's Anatomy.
The tournament trophy, engraved with Craig's name, was won by the Bo Janglers who beat the Egg Chasers 1-0 in the final.
While older hits such as Torn On The Platform and Second, Minute Or Hour are pleasant but fairly nondescript indie janglers, there's a heavy dose of African rhythm in the catchy Tonight's Today and a well-worked impression of house music's style through Be The One.