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Synonyms for jangle

Synonyms for jangle

a metallic sound


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make a sound typical of metallic objects

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A keen adventurer, Ms Jangle's route in Botswana passes through the Trans Kalahari where she would have stops at some villages.
Jangle added that lapses on the account of the local police may have given an opportunity to destroy evidence as Dhabolkar was arrested at 11.30 pm on May 26 while Tonde was arrested the next day at noon.
If all this isn't enough to put a jingle in your jangle, sashay down to the Shedd on Monday for the sultry vocal jazz stylings of Jane Monheit.
It had been a long time since I heard the jangle of keys song anywhere,let alone in Wales, so news of a singing male in North East Wales had me on the move.
Besides Dirty Power and Ploughound, the Bay Area's burgeoning gay male rock scene includes jangle popsters ing, moody guitarist John Ashfield, prog rockers the moth wranglers, feel-good tunesmith Mark Weigle, and the alt-electronic act Pause, among others.
But Wrexham nerves began to jangle in the 83rd minute when Carlo Corazzin headed in.
Since you are, after all, reading The Progressive, I think we can safely agree his heart's in the left place, but at the same time Hightower reminds me of those three guys who dress up in cowboy duds and sing Gene Autry songs even though you know they have Phi Beta Kappa keys that jingle jangle jingle.
mourning you with guitars the gift of music came to me and a child eyes life and hot blood given to me were houses and bricks and many roofs with lions and cages and many lakes spotted with swans singing of you with mouth and tongue sadness was given to me and a tiny mother and deep poverty with cold and frosts and the jangle of trains smelling of open country laughter was also given to me to see bad times arrive with empty plates and very hard bread loving you hurriedly and without passion the stars were given to me joy and skin and running unshod in the night discerning love and scents fighting hornets barehanded loving furious liberty and admiring mankind in red and from below
Fischer takes on a long line of cultural critics from Lewis Mumford to Stephen Kern, who have ascribed to electric media the power to break down communities, shatter private life, jangle sensitive nerves and replace authentic with artificial and distended human relationships.
The police and security forces conducted targeted search operation in Kohat City, Jangle Khel, OTS road residential area and afghan camps and rounded up 75 suspects including 11 afghan nationals for illegally staying in the area.
Those villages were affected include: Jam Dangra, Rampur, Kachiwala, Nooran Hiraj, Manik ,Hiraj, Ghous Pur, Bela Sikinder, Chughtai Punjuana, Azim Hiraj, Bela Punjuana, Tulamba Dehat, Tara Pur, Bukknere, Nusrat Pur, Ghazi panda, Kot Barkat Ali, Mousa Ali Khakh, Bonga Machia, Jangle Mian Chango, Chakara Bab, Sultan Mehar Shah, Shakro K Dahar, Mirza Kathia, Phoobri Noor Sultan, Sati Bhawana, Rotla, Bhoori Aya Kheara, Fareed K Kathia, Bhoopri M.
CHRISTMAS EVE Frost in the morning Ice in the night Chill of the wind Snow falling bright Crispness of air Sheen on the land Children all playing Sounds of a band Jingle and jangle Skiing and skates Sprinkling snowdrops Crystalline shapes Glow of the street lights Hush of the dark Snowmen collecting More flakes in the park Green of the holly Mistletoe fun Cream on the pudding Whiffs of warm rum Chimings and carols Calls of good cheer Trimmings and stockings Time of the year Sensing excitement Lights on the tree The Wonder of winter That is Christmas Eve.
Soundwise, we're talking UK dream pop - Stereolab's Letitia Dean guested on their last album - mixed with a Byrdsian jangle and Evan Dandoesque vocals.
KThe gig started with their cover of My Name Is Carniva 60s folk hero Jackson C Frank A stripped back Disturbed This Morning ran straight in the handclaps, organs and skewed pop jangle of of Was Y al by ks.