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filled to capacity

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where (1) means one defender should be jammed by one attacker at list and (2) means one attacker can jam at most ai defenders at one time to ensure the jamming effect on the defender network.
3) The existing approach collects respective node's metric and also the neighbor nodes' metric to make the decision whether the node is jammed or not.
The heavy-duty truck has jammed on 128 km of the Bishkek-Osh road on January 15 at about 4am.
Several Lebanese channels and the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera have been jammed in the past year, and the frequencies of Arabsat and Nilesat network providers have been jammed since the pro-democracy uprisings and ensuing unrest in Libya and Egypt.
Jamming in narrow-band frequency--narrow-band jamming requires good knowledge of jammed device frequency.
If the communications link being jammed uses transceivers, the location of the receiver being jammed can be determined.
If the baler has not been shut off along with the conveyor, the baler's automatic sensor may begin a baling cycle when the worker and the jammed paper fall into the baling chamber.
According to Dunn, people who are not deferential toward the police are "jammed," which is LAPD jargon for harassed.