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a jar for holding jellies or preserves


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Managing director Lyndsey Jenkins said: "Since I started Jamjar back in 2012 the communications world has changed considerably, and consequently our services have evolved to reflect this, and the growing requirements of our clients.
Clockwise, from top, Jason Foreman of Projekt21, David Purcell and Richard Sadler of Clink Beer, Katie Greeen and Shahf Ashrf of JamJar lights, Rosie Ginday of Miss Macaroon, Vincent Van Doodle, Laura Smith at St Mary's Hospice Shop, and Irregular Choice
Founder of Cowbridgebased jamjar PR Lyndsey Jenkins said: "Winning these awards certainly is the cherry on the top of a very successful year for us and we're excited about what the future holds.
The vision of Simon Dixon, cofounder of the successful online car retailer Jamjar, Rockar aims to combine the ease and convenience of web and mall shopping.
When I learned that one of his great passions is fast cars, I was privileged to set up a spin in a Porsche Carrera and a Ferrari for Eddy through my friends at JamJar Direct.
Some of the retailers you can look forward to at the Market OTB included- Baker & Spice, Beyou, Butik, Comptoir 102, Jamjar,
Currently, the organisation has seven workshops running at various special needs centres in the UAE and at venues like The Pavilion Downtown Dubai and JamJar.
J., 'The jamjar magnetometer 16 years on', ibid., 109(3), 144 (1999)
And in August, under Tilani's umbrella company Innoventa, the mobile app CareZone was launched at JamJar Dubai.
Fearing that I would be prescribed a pair of Deirdre Barlow's classic frames with accompanying inch-deep jamjar lenses, I shyly booked myself into Optimark, on Bold Street, for a full visual MoT.
Rushed into garage knocking jamjar full of paintbrushes off a shelf with 1 million shards of glass anding neatly behind the rear wheel.
A survey of 3,000 motorists by on-line car retailer jamjar reveals that the average driver spends around pounds 10 on a stop at motorway facilities, equating to a national spend of pounds 1.2bn a year.
According to a survey by internetbased car retailer Jamjar Cars, vicars are more likely than company directors to buy cars like the Mercedes Benz E Class or BMW 5 Series.
TRACIE CALLAGHAN spotted her dream car on the internet and placed an order with jamjar.com for a top-of-the-range Peugeot 206 convertible.
The two companies have already worked together on Direct Line's Jamjar.com online car sales venture and currently have other projects in development.