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Synonyms for jam-pack

to fill to excess by compressing or squeezing tightly

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This year's programme taking place from Friday 3 - Monday 6 May is jam-packed full of the best local and international circus and street arts talent.
The Dubai Metro faced a 'technical glitch' on Sunday evening, resulting in jam-packed scenes at Nakheel Metro station.
Four hours later, the plaza was already jam-packed that moving from one side to the other is a physical challenge.
Play-grounds and cafeteria of Lahore Zoo were also jam-packed.
Due to the roads being blocked, the traffic diverted to alternate routes where it remained stuck for hours at end because of lack of proper traffic control.In Defence Housing Authority (DHA), the traffic remained jam-packed for several hours because the alternate routes for DHA were blocked by the sit-in and the citizens had to opt for the main boulevard of DHA which was already blocked at various points due to the ongoing construction of the residential area.
Some of the jam-packed freeways include National Freeway no.5 Yilan-Toucheng, National Freeway no.1 Hsinchu-Hukou, National Freeway no.3 Guanxi-Daxi.
After nearly 10 years, amidst high security and in the presence of a jam-packed crowd, Karachi is bracing itself for the PSL third edition's final today.
Each participant will receive a doggy bag jam-packed with goodies for both runner and dog to enjoy once they cross the finish line.
If you missed any of it, don't worry, next year's edition is already in the works, and is sure to be just as jam-packed.
He says trains are so jam-packed that some people can't even get off when they need to.
A Pakistani entrepreneur has introduced online solution to find parking in jam-packed parking areas in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Ian Harrison, Asda's technical produce director, said: "We're excited to launch a unique and exclusive wonky vegetable box that is jam-packed with ugly winter veg that not only saves shoppers money but helps farmers get more of their crop onto our shelves.
It might have been a Tuesday night, but at the jam-packed PhiIly edition of our vitaminwater'-' #uncapped concert series, it felt like the weekend.
The Society launched the festival on October 26th in Burnaby and since then has hosted 5 jam-packed events with up to 4,500 attendees.
Thousands of fans are set to descend on the Welsh capital for a day jam-packed with fast and furious family fun as British world champion Tai Woffinden seeks victory on home soil on Saturday, July 12.