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an impromptu jazz concert

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Now the host of Sam Bond's weekly bluegrass jam - one of more than 10 jam sessions held all across town - Shanahan has strived to make his event the complete opposite of his first jam experience.
Kimmel dismissed rumours that he staged the original spontaneous jam session by saying, "I saw the video very early on because a lot of people were tweeting me asking if I'd orchestrated it, if it was a viral video hoax.
Early jam session culture is often romanticized as a purely non-commercial form of music making with a myth of primitivism attached, meaning minimal formal training.
In the build-up to NBA Jam Session, the NBA and Flash will hold a series of grassroots basketball events across Abu Dhabi, beginning on November 29.
Also, as an official technology partner of the NBA, Cisco digital signage, part of the Cisco Digital Media System, will be on-site to provide All-Star programming content and live updates of the NBA Jam Session Trivia contest.
There is also a jam session element to the evening.
When the girls are back in town, have a journal jam session to share your written words.
Currently he hosts the Sunday jam session at Manhattan's Swing 46, where he took over for the late Buster Brown.
The firm has been instrumental in organizing events for the Capital Jazz Fest, the State Farm Bayou Classic, and the NBA Jam Session, which Lakes place during All-Star Weekend.
Tuesday Morning" touches on the timely issue of gay marriage via a tribute to gay 9/11 hero Mark Bingham, and the blistering hard-rock jam session "Giant" is nothing short of a gay pride anthem.
Consider hosting a weeklong Jam Session during which you place demo stations featuring specialty preserves in the following areas of your store: The cheese department, the meat and fish counter, and the produce section.
Both the jam session and the dance bands' influences are perceptively analyzed.
The listener/viewer should not have their attention distracted by music (and] Molly lying on a piano," Joyce railed in a letter to Zapparoli, complaining also that she had turned the passage into a "jazz element in a jam session.
Ronnie, 57, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who learned to play the sax when he was 10, says one jam session stopped a case of road rage when two drivers almost came to blows.
21) at NBA All-Star Jam Session while supplies last.