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Synonyms for jalousie

a window with glass louvers

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a shutter made of angled slats

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La jalousie formait la base de ce caractere plein d'excentricites (81).
New kitchen cabinets, brass faucets for bathroom sinks, wood floors in the den, carpeting in the living room, tile in the foyer, wallpaper in bedrooms, casement windows to replace your jalousies and French doors to the patio....The list could go on and on.
He then went to the window, destroyed its jalousies and crawled their way back to the surface.
La femme tombe amoureuse d'un militant, ce qui donnera lieu a des jalousies a peines voilees.
Termites flutter; crickets sound; through slanted jalousies I watch; he waits.
The pavilion is designed in the old Hijazi architectural style with plenty of intricate wood work, skylights and chandeliers, jalousies and cisterns.
You see these jalousies? Not a single one of them was broken,' Abigail said.
Jalousies in the bedroom provide natural ventilation and light.
'Many of the remaining units have missing doorknobs, jalousies and other parts because of theft or vandalism as a result of being idle for more than two years,' Ata said.
There is an installation made from a frame of glass jalousies painted white.