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a car that is old and unreliable

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The anthropomorphic jalopy aside, the writer's prediction may be mistaken; Woods made a surprising championship comeback a few weeks ago, so he's catching up with Nicklaus.
To "get rid of the old jalopy" and introduce a brand new residual market mechanism in New York State, in the opinion of this writer, would not be to anyone's best interests at this time.
The earth is scorched red where he wanders, surely, his guitar worn through by the storms that batter the old jalopy to which it is lashed.
The patio is no less electric, featuring additional seating, a wooden, cowboy-booted fence and a shark-finned jalopy covered in travel stickers.
So we just jumped into our old jalopy and headed for 310 Rainbow Boulevard, the site of the Grand Hamister Hotel.
just some jalopy that gets to the end of the road will do - so it'll have to be somewhere that doesn't have a f***in DVLA or fuel duty that squeezes you a bit harder every couple of months.
1) If they have become unserviceable/unusable, and so they are "conspicuous" ("entirely obvious")--a "jalopy" or a ruined old car lying in the courtyard would indeed be blatant to the eye in this manner.
The latter even lived in the knackered exhaust pipe of an abandoned 1940s jalopy, which had also been conveniently dumped right next to the world's most telegenic cactus.
always wore the same clothes and drove a jalopy. ( ANI )
Including the price of the laughable jalopy. While Phil fought for his so-called life, his idiot cousin Billy rushed to the hospital in Alfie Moon's Ford Capri.
The jalopy had a Liverpool LV registration and an opening in the radiator for the starting handle.
It's real excitin' - we get to go on a roadshow in an old-fashioned jalopy, lookin' for the best singin' and dancin' talent around.
The festival is set at its usual site for the past two years at Jalopy Theatre and School of Music which is located between Hamilton and Woodhull streets in Brooklyn.
Soon the jalopy you bought because it was cheap will become a moving money pit or, just as likely, a static, space-wasting experiment into the processes of automotive decomposition.