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a car that is old and unreliable

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In the meantime, we don't have to get rid of the old jalopy, but perhaps work to build it into a "classic car.
What Mukherjee should do is go to his car mechanic and get a ' denting- painting' job for mental jalopy, for he has run the country's political discourse into the gutter.
Believe me you're not; he would not be caught in some jalopy driving erratically down the street
An editorial in the News International yesterday said after the Lahore rally it had asked: Is Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a jalopy or a juggernaut?
That's why we were saddened to hear that the boys' formerly trusty and reliable jalopy Vannie (yes really
It was quite a walk but no sooner had I stepped off the pavement in the blustery wind when a jalopy stopped offering me a lift.
And its motion detector ensures that you only grab footage when you're actively drivingalthough that also means you can't use it to grab the license plate of a hit and run on your parked jalopy.
I rode off in my cocky tassled jalopy, hastening the road.
The Ukrainian Vorskla Steal, related to billionaire, Konstantin Zhevago, will take part in the public tender for the mill's sale despite the fact the latter is "a jalopy with the price of a Mercedes," according to Demyanyuk.
Making their jalopy was for them such fun, Four old pram wheels got the job done.
That same feeling you get when the jalopy you were hoping would get through another winter refuses to start, or comes to a grinding halt with springs flying and tires deflating.
project of his jalopy, dreaming of summer There will be drives to the
jalopy, as my dad called our secondhand cars, and charging us not too
But, just because you are spending less than the UK average on a used car doesn't mean you have to drive a jalopy.
They thought they had half the world, the former British Empire, as a captive market for any jalopy they turned out.