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immense East Indian fruit resembling breadfruit

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Jak Powles has passed his guide dog exams and can now go out with his canine pal Vance PICTURE: Richard Williams [umlaut]
Formulate effective business strategies after understanding the competitive landscape vis--vis JAK inhibitors.
Jak, 15, died in February, months after being told he had a rare blood cancer.
The day after the prom Jak went quad biking and he vowed to spend his last days raising cash for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.
I wouldn't have any worries about Jak because there is this calmness and assurance about him, and I think against Chelsea his teammates saw that and it gave them confidence.
Jak, who has been dancing since he was three, said: "It was so exciting, I didn't want to go home.
Aptly-named Spike played a crucial part in locating 11-year-old Jak Humphrey after he became impaled on a fence last Sunday.
20 may boil down to a match between Union Jak Jakson and Dynamo Joe with preference for Union Jak Jakson on the basis that Dynamo Joe may have issues clearing Dromana Max.
But 10-year-old Jak Davies wanted a little bit more from his dad - to take him on a charity bike ride across Wales.
Jak Sullivan had secretly taken the family's BMW for a late-night drive but lost control of the high-powered vehicle before smashing into a speed camera.
Jak and Daxter are another one of Sony's lovable and commericially exploitable duo's that have landed on the PS2.
I WAS sad to read of the death of my old friend Jak the cartoonist last week.
JAK Communications selects NDS to enable the launch of its digital TV platform in Chennai, India
GRIEF etched on every face, mourners gather to say their final goodbyes to beloved Jak Fada.