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a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)

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Since then, lawmakers have passed bills to limit the power of jailhouse informants and set up best practices for police departments conducting lineups for eyewitness identification.
The 23-year-old spent three weeks at number one with Jailhouse Rock after wresting the top spot from Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire.
Alex Romero choreographed and directed Elvis Presley in the film Jailhouse Rock and other early rock and roll movies.
Dedge's case serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of using jailhouse snitches who have little to lose when bargaining for favorable treatment in exchange for their testimony.
Perhaps the landlord should rename his pub the Jailhouse Frock.
Federal law even has a special provision for jailhouse snitches.
Justice ministers were warned about staffing concerns at an open prison just weeks before rampaging inmates torched buildings in a New Year jailhouse riot.
In fact he was having so much fun at the Badger of the Year competition that he burst into song and gave us his full singing and dancing rendition of Jailhouse Rock - it was amazing.
Early strikes by Matt Frazier and Darren Longstaff put Jailhouse in the driving seat and further efforts from Dave Widdows and Chey Thabasso sandwiched Scott Harding's double for Liberals.
In the poll marking this month's 30th anniversary of Presley's death at 42, voters also rated Jailhouse Rock his best film, ahead of GI Blues and Viva Las Vegas.
The first takes in roadhouse blues and rock such as ``Fish in the Jailhouse,'' seemingly interpreted by a paranoid schizophrenic coming off a three-day bender.
Rather, along with showcasing more the recipes for more than 80 outstanding dishes ranging from Perfect Guacamole, King Ranch Chicken, and Texas Shrimp gumbo, to Texas Caviar, Classic Margarita, and Pioneer Jailhouse Chili, Stewing In Texas also present the story of how Penfield Press was sued by Cookbook Resources LLC and Judy Barbour (author of "Cowboy Chose") in 2001 for copyright violation.
So jailhouse artists shave down lead pencils or burn checkers and use the ash.
The King of rock and roll was still sitting at the top of the charts last night with the re-released classic Jailhouse Rock and he holds the record for the mostNumberOnesby a solo artist.
Jailhouse Rock was in fifth place, Always On My Mind was sixth and The Wonder of You seventh.