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Synonyms for jailed

being in captivity

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He got to robbing when he was nineteen or twenty, and they jailed him; but he broke jail and got away--up North here, somers.
While it was also worth mentioning that district jail Rahim Yar Khan has been situated in the middle of the city and the residents have stated that shortage of jail staff could result any untoward in the city, as numbers of criminals were jailed in the district jail of Rahim Yar Khan.
On Monday, Emma Mackenzie, 28, of Watford Road, Anfield, was jailed for 834 days, but walked free having served half that time on remand.
A much closer look at those released show that most were jailed for non violent, misdemeanor offenses.
Receipt of prenatal care before the third trimester was less common, but case management to coordinate care was more common, if the mother had been jailed than if she was in the comparison group.