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an escape from jail

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Jailbreaking iOS might help developers sell apps that would otherwise be banned from the App Store, but jailbreaks also have negative consequences.
From our perspective, the biggest barrier to success may be a waning interest in jailbreaks altogether.
Eleven fugitives have since been tracked down and rearrested following the mass jailbreak, while six others are still on the loose.
Tel Aviv is nearly 2,500 miles away and the feat saw the team achieve the fifth furthest Jailbreak in Warwick's history - only coming behind Bangkok, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York.
His killing comes with an appeal court on Saturday set to examine a defence request to appoint a new panel of judges in Morsi's jailbreak trial.
The report adds that the jailbreak was planned by experienced individuals who were not locals.
The global police agency also asked 190 member countries to help establish whether the events were coordinated, and help to avert more jailbreaks.
Apple hasn't contested jailbreaks for years, but some updates have the side effect of patching the vulnerabilities used by unlocking software, and forced hackers back to the drawing board.
Only two jail personnel were assigned to secure the jail facility when the jailbreak occurred, he added.
1 Jailbreak tool was officially launched and received over 200 positive feedbacks: The new tool works great and it's easy to use and Jailbreak iPhone 4/3G/3Gs 4.
It's the largest jailbreak in the nation's history, Xavier Solda, senior inspector and spokesman for the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, told the (http://www.
Given how aggressive Apple is about releasing iOS updates, jailbreaks now have a very short lifespan.
Zerodium is willing to pay out a total of $3 million in rewards for iOS exploits and jailbreaks.
Pod2g and Wang are both well-known hackers who have developed jailbreaks before, but iOS 6 is proving to be more difficult to exploit due to stepped up security protections.