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The lawsuit alleges nurses and Denver sheriff's deputies "callously made her labor alone for hours, and ultimately give birth alone in a dirty jail cell without any medical care."
His defence team had demanded an inspection of the jail cell to ensure it meets the UK's human rights obligations related to extradition proceedings.
PESHAWAR -- Lawyers for an Indian national, in prison on espionage charges, have requested that their client be shifted from his jail cell in Mardan to one in Peshawar.
He did not attend the court in Brussels today but remains in his jail cell outside Paris where he is awaiting trial in connection with the Paris attacks.
Bland's death in a Waller County jail cell three days later ignited national outrage.
POLICE officers and medical staff in the North East are teaming up to ensure anyone suffering a mental health crisis does not end up in a jail cell.
Representing less the jail cell's infrastructure than its indignities--particularly that which circumscribes the daily experience of the incarcerated--it also, somewhat more than implicitly, critiques a system in which blacks are jailed at six times the rate of whites.
HYDERABAD -- Ahmed Omar Saeed Shaikh, a death row prisoner convicted in the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl, had attempted suicide in his Hyderabad jail cell earlier this week, just a day before his appeal was to be heard in the Sindh High Court.
A 32-YEAR-OLD facing jail for intimidating a witness fled from court minutes before he was due to be sentenced - thinking he would spare himself Christmas inside a jail cell.
Muscat: A former Omani judge turned lawyer has alleged that one of his clients was kept in a jail cell with an HIV-infected inmate.
OUT OF THE CLINK--Mehdi Hashemi (center) was bailed out of Evin prison Sunday after spending almost three months in a jail cell. He was greeted by his turbanless father, former President Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani (right), and his mother as he emerged.
Three partygoers found themselves socialising in a jail cell after getting into an argument with a cabbie.
But despite the sentence, which followed a six-year trial in Milan, the media tycoon is unlikely to see the inside of a jail cell soon.