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Suppose there were to be a fire in this jail! But then he made out a melody in the ringing; there were chimes.
Why at least had they not left him alone--why, after they had shut him in jail, must they be ringing Christmas chimes in his ears!
They put him in a place where the snow could not beat in, where the cold could not eat through his bones; they brought him food and drink--why, in the name of heaven, if they must punish him, did they not put his family in jail and leave him outside--why could they find no better way to punish him than to leave three weak women and six helpless children to starve and freeze?
Natty had just returned from executing this order, when the light of the keeper’s candle shone through the hole, and instantly his voice was heard in the jail exclaiming for his prisoners.
His cries were echoed from twenty mouths, for not only the jail but the taverns had sent forth their numbers, some earnest in the pursuit, and others joining it as in sport.
Elizabeth stood for an hour at the window of her room, and saw the torches of the pursuers gliding along the side of the mountain, and heard their shouts and alarms; but, at the end of that time, the last party returned, wearied and disappointed, and the village became as still as when she issued from the gate on her mission to the jail.
If they pay the tax from a mistaken interest in the individual taxed, to save his property, or prevent his going to jail, it is because they have not considered wisely how far they let their private feelings interfere with the public good.
"Just the same he lay in jail all night without bail."
The judge was quoted as expressing regret that he had been unable to impose a six months' sentence, this inability being due to the condition of the jails, already crowded beyond capacity by the many eases of assault committed in the course of the various strikes.
At midnight, people again knocked at the gate of the jail, or rather at the barricade which served in its stead: it was Cornelius van Baerle whom they were bringing.
The jail performs hourly checks on its inmates, a requirement by state law, Lewis said.
"We have already delivered six of the 10 ropes to the Allahabad jail authorities while the rest four will be delivered soon," jail superintendent S.K.
Implementing these common sense measures could save a jail millions of dollars in legal judgments.
The 18-year-old, who had tried to hang himself during a previous stay at the same jail, according to published reports, died in one of the state's 350 completely unregulated city lockups.
There is comparatively little consensus about what constitutes a small jail. Mays and Thompson (1988) defined small as 10 beds or fewer in their study, Kerle (1998, 2003) observed that jails of 50 or fewer beds were small, and the National Institute of Corrections now defines small jails as having 150 beds or fewer.