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a game in which players try to pick each jackstraw (or spillikin) off of a pile without moving any of the others


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Downed trees - some of them with trunks two feet or more in diameter - were scattered like jackstraws along Winchester Ridge Trail in the Waldo Wilderness, blocking passage every few yards.
The Opening General Session will start with a warm welcome to San Diego with the nautical fun of Jackstraws Full Sail.
And in Colorado's high country, slogging down the mud-thick streets of the silver-strike town of Creede, the haphazard layout of which looked "like a box of spilled jackstraws," he ran into Ivy Leaguers of good cheer and legendary football players, men who could handle themselves in a tough crowd.
She ran away from kindergarten because the jackstraws that she had been given to amuse herself with "seemed to open out before [her] hours of painful tedium to be crowned at the end by certain failure" (Gregory, Day 16).
The sixty-two new poems of Jackstraws show this always interesting writer at his challenging, disarming best, working the dreamspace at the intersection of the baffling and the tawdry, where Kafka meets "After Hours.