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a thin strip of wood used in playing the game of jackstraws


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Heavy rain all morning made the jackstraw logs slicker than soap, and we moved like snails to avoid breaking our legs.
I clamber over the jackstraw, finding there a predictable assortment of water bottles, but also a polystyrene ice cream tub, a plastic length of hose, nylon nets, huge cakes of Styrofoam, all of which I dump into Ebbesmeyer's bag.
It was a fine effort across jackstraw deadfall, then up a steep, gravelly grade that left both Mark and me steaming.
We shall be doing this at an early date", according to the UK Home Secretary, JackStraw.
In a limestone draw just down from my place are the jackstraw remains of a moonshiner's cabin.
Floods have caused severe damage to homes on Warren Street when Jackstraw Brook, which runs under the road, overflows during rainstorms.
Others among the widely varied "South American" cases included one full of exceptional native element, sulfide and sulfosalt specimens from South America (Bill and Carol Smith); a single 35 x 35-cm piece from the great "cranberry tourmaline" find at Brazil's Jonas mine in 1978, half of the specimen being a great glossy quartz crystal, the other half being a jackstraw richness of very red, very gemmy elbaite crystals (Graeber and Himes); and Tom Hughes' case of Peruvian specimens (next door to his very impressive case of self-collected thumbnails from all over the U.
FOREIGN Secretary JackStraw could be asked to intervene on behalf of a Welsh grandfather held in Afghanistan.
Lord Williams of Mostyn,pictured in 2002 with his Jack Russell,Bippy, which had won the Westminster Dog of the Year competition Picture: CHRIS YOUNG; Foreign Secretary JackStraw arriving at Westminster Abbey yesterday; Lord Williams' widow, Lady Williams
He risks being stripped of his unpaid job as Parliamentary aide to Foreign Secretary JackStraw.
You can usually find ways to detour around jackstraw logs.
No doubt it will be reiterated to his Lordship that he is the one senior figure in this People's Government who was not actually elected by the people, as the Home Secretary Mr JackStraw reportedly had to remind him only recently when he began referring to the Chancellorship as the "Justice Department".
Jackstraw Brook, a coldwater trout stream that runs under Warren Street and continues to Cedar Swamp, quickly fills up.
Foreign Secretary JackStraw flew to Istanbul and described the scene at the consulate as: ``a scene of complete devastation.
BRITAIN would have ``nothing whatever'' to do with any military action against Syria or Iran, Foreign Secretary JackStraw signalled today.