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screw-operated jack


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Airplanes built before 1981 had trouble with the trim because in cruise, the jackscrew needs 300 foot-pounds of torque to move.
In motor sports, plastic latch mechanisms are now being discarded in preference to jackscrews to assure continued connectivity in extremely harsh shock and vibration environments.
However, when the jackscrew is installed under a part and clamped down, there is a tendency to bend the part with any excessive force.
Changing only one jackscrew raises or lowers one end of the work roll, correcting the simplest kind of flatness problem in the strip-stock: elongation that varies linearly from one edge of the strip to the other.
The airline found one jackscrew without enough lubrication on Wednesday.
Baikal's gunmakers have gotten around the troublesome (and expensive) process of regulating the barrels by installing a jackscrew that the customer can use to adjust one barrel's point of aim to the other, fixed barrel.
The tray is then slid into place, and two arms on a jackscrew lift the patient into position.
Investigators quickly focused on a lack of grease on the jackscrew, a tail component that helps move the jet's stabilizer and sets the angle of flight.
Investigators also believe the jackscrew design itself is flawed, because it allows a single failure to cause a crash.
Flight 261 shouldn't have gone out if there was any question about the jackscrew," asserts Wagstaff, referring to the plane part widely reported as causing the crash.
They just refused to allow the jackscrew heads to be easily turned.
Keyed, jackscrew operated polycarbonate housings provide rugged and aesthetically pleasing enclosures for the modules.
The Seattle Times reported that the jackscrew assembly suspected of causing January's crash of an MD-83 airliner was discovered to be worn during a 1997 inspection.
Following the salvage of the plane's stripped jackscrew, a threaded bolt-like component that moves the horizontal stabilizer up and down, Boeing recommended that all airlines inspect the stabilizers in the tail sections of their MD 83s.
The jackscrew raises and lowers the stabiliser, moving the plane's nose up or down.