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go forward or start with a fast, sudden movement

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A representative from Nike and JackRabbit did not immediately return IBT's request for comment.
The company, its stores and e-commerce platform will continue to operate under the JackRabbit brand.
Burt (1938) described the distribution of the antelope jackrabbit in Sonora only as lowlands below the oaks.
They finished their second book, "Jeremy Jackrabbit Recycles the Can," earlier this year while living in Phoenix and gave a free copy to every kindergartner in Maricopa County (46,000 copies) and distributed another 6,000 copies to youngsters back in Tucson.
Kemp's (2008) results included 11 stable isotope analyses on jackrabbit collagen by Geochron Labs in Cambridge.
com is a monthly on-line publication from Jackrabbit Microware, a San Diego, California-based technology consulting and integration company founded in 1982.
Dorothy Dowling, the company senior vice president of sales and marketing, said 'This partnership with JackRabbit will provide dynamic visibility into hotel capacity, enabling travellers throughout the nation to make easy and informed purchases within our family of hotels.
If you've not had a visit to your garden by the Black-tail Jackrabbit, or Lepus californicus, consider yourself fortunate indeed.
Have you ever wanted to know the origin of the "jackalope"--a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope?
The company has identified a high-grade setting of approximately 470,000 ounces of gold at their Jackrabbit Project southwest of the town in Chester Township along Highway 144.
A mouse and his trusty giant robot friend stop evil General Jackrabbit from taking over the earth in their fifth illustrated adventure.
Editor's note: Jackrabbit numbers have always been considered cyclical, with their populations going up and down over time.
JASON could hit a jackrabbit at 10 feet with a shot of his baccy juice.
pacificus is most often found on lizards and the black-tailed jackrabbit, Lane says.