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Synonyms for jackknife

a large knife with one or more folding blades

a dive in which the diver bends to touch the ankles before straightening out

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dive into the water bending the body at the waist at a right angle, like a jackknife

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And, if you need one a bit larger than the Jackknife, Remington Knives also offers a Trapper with a 3%" clip blade and a 33A" spey blade folding into a 5V4" handle made from Amber Jig Bone.
Para lograr este proposito, inicialmente, recordamos la definicion del estimador jackknife para el problema de minimos cuadrados lineales de rango completo, luego presentamos el algoritmo standard para el calculo del EJMCL y los aportes, en este sentido, hechos por Martinez y Sanabria [MaSaOO] y [MaSa06].
A shooter who regularly uses the jackknife is my friend Barrie Gwillim.
The jackknife technique was applied to deal with uncertainty in growth estimates resulting from chance variations in sampling design.
The technique applies the generalized jackknife (Gray and Shucany, 1972) to reduce the bias in the logarithm of the bias expansion of the Lo, Mack, and Wang estimator.
A second northbound vehicle, a Ford Bronco, came around the same curve and struck the trailer's axle, causing the van and trailer to jackknife and leave the road.
An Alternative Jackknife Variance Estimation for NAEP, by Stanley Weng and Sameena Salvucci explores an alternative method for performing jackknife variance estimation.
The method extends the usefulness of the jackknife procedure as it allows for computation of a given statistic across a maximal number of fluctuations in the original sample from which the bootstrap data are based.
One is to carelessly cut too close in front of a big truck, drive merrily on their way and, in many cases, causing the big rig to jackknife.
As a result, incompetent drivers regularly jackknife or overturn their vehicles bringing chaos to our roads.
TRC testing was documented under full instrumentation, including angles of articulation for both jackknife and trailer swing, incident entry acceleration, speed, lateral traction, braking reaction time, and emergency stopping distances.
The third component of the life-saving Lanescan(TM) system, Lanescan III, is the Jackknife Warning Alarm, which gives drivers early warning when their trucks are jackknifing.
New statistical methods include bootstrap and jackknife, new robust regression and covariance estimation, and enhanced reliability analysis.
Welch swerved to the left, causing his tractor-trailer to jackknife and hit Will's 1992 GMC pickup truck, May's 1994 Ford Aerostar and Rawls' 1993 Toyota pickup truck, CHP officials said.