jacking off

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Jacking off also protects women from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that could cause infertility.
Scattered on the balcony by jacking off voyeurs calling themselves
On the bus going over there everybody's cracking stupid jokes like don't go chasing anything too far into foul territory or some Hannibal Lector type will send you back out onto the field missing your cojones or like the whole place is going to smell of come because half the guys in the asylum spend all their time jacking off. You know, junk like that.
Neither clearly gay nor straight, his real enjoyment comes from actions that go against the grain of his family's numbingly circumscribed lives: He gets more pleasure out of peeing in his bath than jacking off, and, when the media picks up on his anonymous sabotage claim, he feels a thrill that leads him to claim responsibility for other actions.
* Former Tennessee town Vice Mayor William Blakely who was accused of jacking off out the car window while driving at 90 mph.