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a hammer driven by compressed air

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The Model 0300 Jackhammer is designed for environments requiring secure destruction of lower-volume media, such as data centers, hospitals, and other facilities that need to destroy confidential/sensitive information in accordance with various government regulations and industry standards (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.
The Jackhammer is powered by a five horsepower high-torque motor that cannot be activated unless the operator has a special security key.
A Jackhammer Lift Assist (JA90-350) device is available from Integrated Tool Solutions (ITS) that helps workers lift the pavement breaker after the bit has broken through the surface of the street.
Burglars made off with a pounds 4,000 turquoise Makita disc cutter, a pounds 3,000 Honda wacker plate, a pounds 2,500 red Benasi rotavator, a pounds 2,000 white Brandon power washer, a pounds 1,500 turquoise Makita jackhammer and a pounds 1,000 red Hilti jackhammer, a light blue Numatic carpet cleaner, a turquoise Makita petrol strimmer and a lawnmower.
Instead, especially on a Bank Holiday weekend, throwing open wide your window is like sharing a corrugated iron shed with a jackhammer.
Carter, who started experimenting with pointe work as a young student in South Carolina, can easily crank out quintuple pirouettes and jackhammer hops on pointe.
During the mudslinging run-up to the midterm election, reports revealed that Boyias--the CEO of Marina Pacific Distributors, which produces hard-core gay-porn flicks like Wet Palms and Jackhammer is a frequent contributor to the Republican National Committee.
If you end up stuck in a traffic jam beside a jackhammer, or standing next to the speakers at a rock concert, pop them in.
Construction and demolition tools hung inside the cages: a jackhammer, a stone saw, a mixer, a chain saw.
Dungan, a garden designer, found the chalky soil so hard, she needed a jackhammer to break through it before getting started.
Dosimeter readings peaked in the morning at 113 A-weighted decibels (which gauge sound as perceived by the human ear), roughly equivalent to a chainsaw or jackhammer.
A ROADS worker who claims a vibrating jackhammer left him unable to work wants pounds 100,000 compensation.
A jackhammer operates at about 100 decibels, and a jet taking off generates about 130 decibels.
One was equipped with a jackhammer arm; the other with a pulverizer grip able to squeeze 12-inch walls into gravel.