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Synonyms for jackfruit

East Indian tree cultivated for its immense edible fruit and seeds

immense East Indian fruit resembling breadfruit

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Jackfruit is a major food item for a month or two in the southern part of India especially in Kerala.
Table 1 gives the nutritive values of rice, wheat, potato, tapioca, yam, sweet potato and jackfruit which can be consumed by any one as staple food.
NB: In the first row the moisture contents of the edible portions of rice, wheat, potato, tapioca, yam, sweet potato and jackfruit are given as 12.
Jackfruit gets a bad rap, no matter what way it's sliced or diced.
Jackfruit365 is the brainchild of James Joseph who set it up in 2013 to develop and diversify the then-limited jackfruit market.
The Kerala native who grew up with jackfruit trees in his backyard couldn't help wondering if the same dish could be prepared with the fruit.
Jackfruit seeds, the fruit's byproduct (averaging 15-25% of the fruit), are used as food, cooked or roasted or baked on coal.
Reverse micelles, a possible alternative as a protein liquid-liquid extraction method from jackfruit seed, are surfactant molecule aggregates of nanometric size, with their polar groups concentrated in the interior, while their hydrophobic parts extend into and are surrounded by the organic solvent, thermodynamically stable and optically transparent system (Silber, Biasutti, Abuin, & Lissi, 1999; Nandini & Rastogi, 2009).
Since jackfruit seeds are not employed in food industries and since there is a lack of studies on protein extraction from jackfruit seeds by reverse micelles, current research develops an alternative method for protein extraction from jackfruit seed flour using reverse micelles, with sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) as surfactant and butanol as organic solvent.
In June last year, the Delhi Police received a complaint regarding the theft of two jackfruits from the house of Janata Dal United's Rajya Sabha MP Mahendra Prasad's bungalow on Tughlaq Road.
PECULIAR THEFTS ; OCTOBER 21, 2012: 38 signboards were stolen from roundabouts in Tughlaq Road area ; JUNE 19, 2014: Two jackfruits went missing from a tree inside the premises of Janata Dal ( U) Rajya Sabha MP Mahendra Prasad's residence on Tughlaq Road ; AUGUST 10, 2014: Police was on its toes after a bulb went missing from the Ferozeshah Road residence of former Lok Sabha MP Sansuma Bwiswmuthiary ; NOVEMBER 22, 2014: The Spanish national emblem was stolen from outside the embassy's front door
In my opinion, jackfruit trees which are turning deserts into green land all over, should be planted.
Such technology, jackfruit and its products, if developed in Bahrain, could open new avenues for marketing of the Panruti jackfruit variety.
The chempedak tree, Arto-carpus integer, is a close relative of jackfruits in the mulberry family and produces edible fruits about 30 centimeters long.
Summary: Jackfruit was much neglected until a Kerala-based entrepreneur revolutionised the way it's used and consumed