jackfruit tree

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East Indian tree cultivated for its immense edible fruit and seeds

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The Kerala native who grew up with jackfruit trees in his backyard couldn't help wondering if the same dish could be prepared with the fruit.
Traditionally softwood trees were used, like the manda1 (12) and silk cotton tree; at present a straight branch of the jackfruit tree may also be used.
In the proper climate, the jackfruit tree is impressive in size and can grow to roughly 60 feet (18.
The traditional drum which is widely used during the festive season is made of Jackfruit tree trunk.
Offering an unforgettable uphill climb to the peak of Morne Blanc, which rises to an elevation of 667m (2,188ft), the trail takes roughly 45 minutes and passes through an old tea plantation and dramatic slopes lined with lemongrass and jackfruit trees, before coming to a viewing platform.
With help from the Indian Army, Radhika has planted close to 1,60,000 saplings of local trees such as mango, blackberry, tamarind, amla, jamun, mulberry, guava, bel patra and jackfruit trees across the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa.
Forests were hastily burned, mango trees, jackfruit trees and banana shoots were transplanted in the dead of the night to try to show that villagers a long time ago had cultivated the land, when the smoke and ambers are still smoldering.
The fight between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his predecessor Jitan Ram Manjhi has degenerated into a bitter battle of barbs over the custody of mango, litchi and jackfruit trees on the premises of chief minister's bungalow.
He informs me that it's for my own safety - so I don't encounter any of the wild elephants that come to feast on the jackfruit trees.
They drive inside a haze of fumes, passing under jackfruit trees and broad matoke leaves.
She is 92 and lives in my ancestral home, surrounded by three fish ponds and shaded by sprawling mango and jackfruit trees.
In my opinion, jackfruit trees which are turning deserts into green land all over, should be planted.
The pens that once held thousands of pigs are empty now, but still there are the large, overhanging mango and jackfruit trees that attract the bats.
Many as 2,000 avocado trees, 3000 teak trees, jackfruit trees in 2000, 2000 guava, hibiscus and planted 500 trees in natural dyeing demonstration plot