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Synonyms for jackfruit

East Indian tree cultivated for its immense edible fruit and seeds

immense East Indian fruit resembling breadfruit

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On display at the venue were ideas and start-up ventures that ranged from using technological innovation to solve the everyday issues of the vast rural population to tapping the potential of the largest fruit in the state, the jackfruit.
When the banana and sago are done, Presbitero's instruction is to add the coconut milk, jackfruit and the brown sugar.
The scallop and jackfruit dumpling, which is topped by Japanese caviar, teases the senses with a touch of spice.
As guests arrive, offer them a tall Waikiki Wahini Cooler and start them nibbling on Lomi Lomi Jackfruit, a tasty appetizer or side dish that turns proudly vegan with jackfruit replacing the salmon.
Types of grass should be Durbagrass, Jackfruit leaves and water spinach leaves etc.
Vegetarians and vegans are not left out either as there is a barbecue jackfruit burger and a cajun bean patty.
The meal is capped with artfully plated classic mango and sticky rice, along with Thai halo-halo which consists of individual glasses of coconut ice cream, sweetened jackfruit, fried peanuts, nata de coco, ruby chestnuts, nata de pina, sweet corn and sticky rice.
Diners can look forward to dishes including cauliflower popcorn with a sumac reduction, harissa dressing and deep-fried seaweed, and pulled jackfruit burritos with chicory and crushed walnut salad, complemented by an all-vegan drinks list.
For example, one vendor puts pieces of mango in his kralanh, while another adds slices of jackfruit.
Jackfruit is a major food item for a month or two in the southern part of India especially in Kerala.
Samples from the new menu on offer include the Vegan BBQ Wrap with Jackfruit and Slaw and Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar.
Jackfruit seeds are great cancer protection, high in protein and vitamin A.
Along with its new look, the store will sell a number of new items from the Starbucks menu, including the dairy free Oat Drink and vegan BBQ Jackfruit Wrap.
And my son's BBQ Jackfruit Wrap, with fries, was PS6.
Citing example of processing of raw jackfruit and selling it in packets abroad, Matia sought cooperation of the private sector and non-government organisations for taking initiatives to export jackfruit after processing the same way.