jacket potato

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a baked potato served with the jacket on

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My panic was soon over, as I decided I could still reap the benefits of the yummy sauce by having it with my jacket potato.
While I thought the beef sandwich and jacket potato were fairly priced, I was shocked at the cost of a simple sandwich on brown bread.
With eight out of ten people choosing a jacket potato as a healthier alternative out-of-home, it makes sense to make the most of it on menus.
It's difficult to mess up a jacket potato and corned beef, but there we have it - they did.
Top 1 jacket potato with 50g grated cheddar, 1 tbsp crunchy pickle or chutney and 1 sliced spring onion.
A MUM who found a dead worm inside a jacket potato she had cooked for her daughter said she felt like a contestant on a reality TV show.
1g of salt, while Sizzling Pub had a chicken breast with jacket potato and peas with 0.
It will revolutionise jacket potato eating in the UK.
My friend Claire had a jacket potato with beans and cheese (pounds 2.
For lunch she eats raw vegetables and dinner consists of a jacket potato or green vegetables with fish or chicken.
Walsall magistrates fined a Cheshire business pounds 1,000 for selling a jacket potato topping it had described as cheese.
Can you suggest any ideas for a bit of a luxury jacket potato filling please.
Pertinax and Kiondo, who live at Paignton Zoo, Devon, came to blows over - of all things - a jacket potato.
Choose any two of the following: British steak and kidney pudding; Wiltshire cured ham, eggs and chips; five-bean chilli; chilli con carne; sweet chilli egg noodles or jacket potato.
Salmon, prawns, brown pasta or sweet jacket potato, green vegetables Meal 6 (before bed) Bowl of cereal with protein drink or one pancake.