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(19th century) a man's high tasseled boot

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Of course, the jackboot of communism didn't always apply the same amount of pressure on the throats of Soviet writers.
And with it goose-stepped a jackboot across the color spectrum of coercion: beyond blue and magenta and even red.
Although the program note speaks of the Last Supper and the children's game of musical chairs as Kylian's inspirations, the grittiness and violence of the work belong to the realm of the jackboot.
Congressional inaction regarding positive, constructive changes in the Tax Law affecting the Passive Activity Loss Rules have put a jackboot on our throat.
Hitler was real; Nazism was real; the Gestapo was real; Auschwitz was real; Belsen was real; the jackboot was real; the V1 and the V2 rocket were real - and it was all just 18 miles from our shores.
That is why the jackboot of fascism and dead-hand of communism were swept away.
I and Ralph's constituents, who have known him many years, know him for his integrity and compassion, not as one who would stoop to such low tactics, and I believe the Jackboot may be on the other foot (if I may be so flippant).
We will be no better than serfs under the jackboot of a power crazed bureaucracy.
The Israelis will not guarantee their security by stamping the jackboot upon foreign soil and holding a people to ransom.
He has to jackboot into the boardrooms of these banks - the banks we are bankrolling - and tell them there are new ground rules.
Rather it is the way that the rampant excesses enjoyed by most Berliners in a city free of censorship and moral judgement - and even the simple freedoms enjoyed by its more sedate citizens - are gradually being crushed beneath the Nazi jackboot.
I, and many thousands of others, kept the jackboot of Hitler from our shores, with determination and tenacity.
There is surely no need for comment on his admiration for the perfectly ghastly singing of Dame Vera Lynn, or with his suggestion that we might all now be living under the Nazi jackboot if she hadn't inspired the nation with her warbling about bluebirds and white cliffs.
What keeps America from disintegrating is, as it were, the jackboot of white hegemony.
The eerie thing about these tranquil sentences is that Cantor is so busy repining the inhibiting effects of the jackboot and the gas chamber on the good name of European Fascism that he seems to forget that these same jackboots and gas chambers are in part a consequence of the ideas of people like Maurras.