jackass penguin

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small penguin of South America and southern Africa with a braying call

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The diet of jackass penguins Spheniscus demersus in Algoa bay, South Africa, and its bearing on population declines elsewhere.
The Amazon World Zoo Park in Newchurch, Isle of Wight, yesterday urged whoever has stolen its jackass penguin to feed him properly using a tube.
The baby jackass penguin was taken from Amazon World, Sandown, Isle of Wight, some time during Saturday night.
The theory was put forward after a search for the three-month-old Jackass penguin failed to yield any clues since he vanished a week ago.
Toga, a three-month-old jackass penguin, was stolen a week ago from Amazon World Zoo Park, Newchurch, Isle of Wight.
Fluffy Toga, a Jackass penguin, was still being nursed by his mother when stolen from their enclosure at Amazon World in Sandown, Isle of Wight, on Saturday night.
African, Humboldt, Magellanic and Galapagos all make braying sounds and each is often referred to as the jackass penguin as a result.
The POWERPENGUIN will evolve from the jackass penguin as the seas dry up and its food supply begins to disappear.
We went to see the endearing jackass penguins, so-called because of their unrefined singing voices that resemble those of braying jackasses, at the African Penguin Colony in Boulder's Beach home.
Also known as Jackass Penguins because of the donkey-like braying sound that they make, even as adults they only grow to about 70 centimetres.
Inside the museum, vying for attention with minerals and memorials from the lead mine, is a series of large photographs showing the variety of birds and their disparate habitats On the floor is a shimmering blue photographic work showing jackass penguins swimming off the tip of Southern Africa while a background tape plays the beguiling song of 99 different birds.
It's about the health of our marine ecosystem," said Strauss, surrounded by solemn rescued adults from the species once known as Jackass penguins because of their noisy brays.
While in Hermanus, take a 20-minute detour to Betty's Bay at Stony Point to see a colony of unbelievably cute African Jackass penguins (www.hermanus.co.za).
Cruising through the choppy waters of the Indian Ocean, stop over to sight jackass penguins or black-footed penguins, vulnerable species found only in Africa.