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Synonyms for jackass

Synonyms for jackass

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

male donkey


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So I guess you could say the Coventry bowlers did me a favour and I have Coventry to thank for getting on to Jackass.
If Jackass generally projects fluids, Saw VII delivers a seemingly endless supply of body parts hurtling towards your 3D glasses which is surely not the reason why cinemas have invested so heavily in this technology.
It features a book reading Monkey, a quiet Mouse and of course a computer freak the Jackass.
The Festival is announcing a new award, the 'Middle Eastern Jackass Award,' to be given to controversial Florida Republican Dan Fanelli, the once congressional hopeful who incited a media firestorm with his ad in favor of racial profiling.
The comment elicited a furious reaction from Amitabh Bachchan, who pointed out that had Akshay called Masand a jackass, most in the journalistic fraternity would have been baying for the actor's blood.
There's a jackass lying dead in me front lawn, and would ye be so kind as to send a couple o'yer lads to take care of the matter?
Inspired by the popular MTV television series and hugely successful MTV Films Jackass and Jackass number two, Jackass the game is a natural extension of the Jackass property, taking it to new heights as the highly anticipated mission-based action adventure game comes to videogame systems for the first time.
Jackass is even funnier this time as the lads devise new and more painful ways to hurt each other.
The website, called Live Now,Die Later, is based on off-the-wallMTV show Jackass made in America and shows people performing dangerous and unpleasant stunts.
I understand your question," retorted the abbot; "but just let me tell you that jackass of mine has a lot more sense than you have.
Tim Cavanaugh replies: Bill Donohue confirms that he is America's premier insult comic, though I would have preferred he call me a "hockey puck" rather than a jackass.
MADCAP mayhem struck commuters dumb as the Jackass roadshow came to town.
MTV, broadcast king of the rude, crude, nude, and lewd, plumbed new depths of degeneracy recently with the release in October 2002 of Jackass, a movie giving new meaning to the term "top grossing film.
When Johnny Knoxville, star of MTV's gross-out stunt show Jackass, says, "Don't try this at home," not everybody hears the word "don't.