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someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous

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Caius calls Evans a jackanapes three times: "You, jacknape, give-a this letter to Sir Hugh.
And again, hierarchies of age and differences of gender vanish; according to Adye, not only should those of all ages read children's books, but all must find Jackanapes or Fauntleroy or Alice equally delightful.
It is not a pleasant picture to see a good fellow loving on when the lady's heart is openly devoted to a Jackanapes, and I am a little puzzled as to how you are to bring the excellent Gilfil out without making him too abjectly devoted a lover for a man of character.
Unless they're grinning jackanapes like Graham Poll, most of D'Urso's colleagues look as if they've been cloned from the same dull cell and told from a young age that Velcro is the shoe fastening of choice.
The best that John Sutherland, in his Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction, can say of Jackanapes, her `most admired story', is that it is `handled with less cloying sentimentality than usual'.
I wouldn't be without the clear blue Maggie Mott, the red and yellow Jackanapes (pictured above), the smiling gold and green faces of Irish Molly and the lovely black-flowered Molly Sanderson.
Could I listen to my jackanapes of a host repeat ancient wordplays without giving in?
JACKANAPES A In Australia, a newcomer from England B A stupid person C An impudent fellow who am I?
Pretty varieties include V Jackanapes, which has bicoloured flowers in deep maroon purple and bright yellow at the base, with purple streaks in the centre, and V x Wittrockiana in the Ultima Series, which is compact, vigorous and heavy-blooming with medium-sized flowers.
So, fiddlesticks to the policy jackanapes - and we've also got World Heritage status AND the Superlambanana.
In some contexts, people malign my character when they refer to me as Jackanapes or Jack the Lad.
She rode a black thoroughbred called Jackanapes who would spook very easily and take off with her at an alarming rate of knots, leaving a gaggle of children on ponies to watch in horror