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Synonyms for jack-o'-lantern

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

lantern carved from a pumpkin

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pepo varieties with better flavor and texture than the flesh from jack-o'-lantern pumpkins.
CAPTURING THE FALL MOOD The aftermath of the jack-o'-lantern experience far exceeded my expectations?
ChicoBag offers an orange jack-o'-lantern bag and a limited-edition design from their Green Halloween contest winner ($4.
Connecticut Field is the variety commonly grown for jack-o'-lanterns for its bright orange color and classic round shape, whereas the Small Sugar New England Pie variety is smaller and sweeter to suit culinary uses like pie.
Candlelit jack-o'-lanterns should be kept away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame.
I remember my three little Celts flapping the wings of their pajamas, as the devil grumbled in the maple tree, the neighbor's cat meowed, and the light in the belly of the jack-o'-lantern dimmed.
After the pumpkin matures, it can be picked and transformed into a Jack-o'-lantern.
Set that jack-o'-lantern outside tonight and be prepared to hose a rancid puddle of insect-infested orange goo off your stoop in the morning as cockroaches the size of Buicks flee for their lives.
More than any other political figure of the past 20 years, Dan Quayle bore the brunt of folk criticism: What's the difference between a jack-o'-lantern and Dan Quayle's head?
The parrots below are chipping away at a jack-o'-lantern.
If Rachel has a good night, she'll lug home a jack-o'-lantern filled with a pound or two of Kisses, Blow Pops, and other "good" foods.
On Halloween night, light up your jack-o'-lantern with LED candles instead of paraffin wax candles, which come from oil, a non-renewable resource.
85, Amazon), this will look brilliant on the bar sat seductively alongside a carved out Jack-O'-Lantern.
Claudia daughter's burst into The Good Housekeeping probe followed a 2014 Halloween costume fire in which Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman saw her daughter's witches outfit burst into flames as she brushed past a jack-o'-lantern pumpkin lit by a candle.
Pumpkins and carving supplies will be provided free of charge, so come enjoy great wine and skip the messy pumpkin carving clean-up while the Chronic Cellars skeletons inspire your jack-o'-lantern creativity.