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slender medium-sized two-needled pine of eastern North America

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"Ecological Renewal Images in 'Big Two-Hearted River': Jack Pines and Fisher King." The Hemingway Review 9.2 (Spring 1990): 142-44.
Red pine was present in all northern sites and most abundant in the Lake Superior sites (Huron Mountains and Pictured Rocks), while jack pine was only present in two sites that were distant from each other (Ludington and Huron Mountains; Fig.
Several seconds after the shot, I heard thrashing, and following the tracks, I found him piled up in some jack pines. He had run only 30 yards.
The Park's hilly west side is dominated by hardwood forest of maple, beech, balsam fir, white pine and yellow birch, while the east side has forests of poplar, white birch, jack pine and red pine.
A quantitative measure of introgression between lodgepole and jack pines. Canadian Journal of Botany 65:1876-1885.
The jack pine trees that are part of the rare ecosystem in Altona in Clinton County depend on periodic fires to regenerate.
There they look for small jack pines about the size of Christmas trees.
We've contributed to its success by planting more than 3.5 million jack pines and are thrilled with how well the species has bounced back from the brink.
A majority of the naturally occurring jack pines in the Lake Michigan dunes are found in or near the pannes; some also occur on mesic dune ridges and slopes (Cowles, 1899; Olson, 1958; Menges and Armentano, 1985; Wilhelm, 1990).
Fish and Wildlife Service, about a prescribed burn to remove undergrowth around jack pines and red oaks on a site occupied by Karner blue butterflies in Waupaca, Wisconsin.
Global ReLeaf has a long history of protecting and restoring wildlife habitat: Its first project (and many more over the last 20 years) planted Jack pines for Michigan's Kirtland's warbler.
This age was determined from increment cores taken from dominant jack pines (Miron Heinselman, pers.
Our first project 20 years ago (and many projects since) planted jack pines to restore the warbler habitat in northern Michigan, which has been fragmented and overgrown, forcing the species to near extinction and earning it a spot on the endangered list.
In 1991, scattered jack pines in the reference plot in pine block 3 died, resulting in 1992 growing season canopy cover in the red pine uncut reference plots being only 9% higher than in the 75% canopy cover treatments (Buckley, 1994).
Kirtland's warblers require young jack pines for nesting cover.