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tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumage

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And this summer Jacamar was towed down the Manchester Ship Canal, to a dry dock in Liverpool, for a total refit.
"Who are the jacamars?" I'm glad it didn't turn up in a test paper in the day when I sat for examinations, trembling with trepidation and the fading hope that all my cramming might have been insufficient.
Colombia: Jacana 9 appraisal well to test the northern limits of the Jacana oil field and Curucucu 1 exploration well to test a new prospect adjacent to the newly-discovered Jacamar oil field - both wells in the Llanos 34 Block (GeoPark operated with a 45% WI) in the Llanos Basin
Several species that were uncommon before isolation were netted more frequently after isolation in some reserves, but only one species, the jacamar Galbula albirostris, reached the abundance of the top 35 insectivores before isolation (Appendix).
Distribution and status of the Rufous-tailed Jacamar Galbula ruficauda (Aves: Galbulidae) in Paraguay
Jocund Jacana, jocular Jay, jade Jacamar, jazzy Jabiru joss; jaybirds juxtaposed.
americana Martin pescador chico Galbulidae Jacamares Galbula dea Jacamar negro G.
CURRAGH: 1.45 Mr Topaz, 2.15 Patrickswell, 2.45 Invicible Ash, 3.15 Jacamar, 3.45 Dancing Bandit, 4.15 Red Eye Express, 4.45 Rock Exhibition, 5.15 Ebashan
Coed Cochion gained consolation three days later by winning the Queen Alexandra, while Tudor Crown's owner Omar Zawawi enjoyed several further Royal Ascot successes, including when his Jacamar landed the 1988 Chesham at odds of 50-1.
Jessica came up with Woodpecker Road, Cuckoo Close and Jacamar Avenue, all names taken from the type of birds which can be found on the nearby Glebefarm Park.
Other notable winners: Cumbernauld (1975 Queen Alexandra Stakes), Midway Lady (1985 May Hill Stakes) Jacamar (1988 Chesham Stakes), Batshoof (1990 Tattersalls Gold Cup Stakes, Prince of Wales's Stakes), White Crown (1992 Solario Stakes), Polish Laughter (1993 Mill Reef Stakes, 1993 Railway Stakes), En Attendant (1993, 1994 Bunbury Cup), Bin Ajwaad (1994 Desmond Stakes, 1995 Gladness Stakes), Tipsy Creek (1996 Norfolk Stakes), Fahris (1997 Select Stakes), Ramooz (1997 Van Geest Criterion Stakes, 1997 and 1999 Minstrel Stakes, 1998 Boland Stakes), Alshakr (2000 Falmouth Stakes), Itnab (2003 Princess Royal Stakes)
For example, rufous-tailed jacamars (Galbula ruficauda) are able to discriminate between minute differences on the wing patterning of Heliconius butterflies, leading to attacks on novel phenotypes [29].