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a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt

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Two important parameters fundamental biodiversity index and migration rate m are fitted using the program Tetame version 2.1 (Jabot et al.
And back in 2011, CBS Consumer Products launched a line of Jabot cosmetics, tied to the fictional company at the center of "The Young and the Restless."
Editors Banko (president, Knowing Science, LLC), Grant (formulation development, MannKind Corp.), Jabot (science education, SUNY, Fredonia), McCormack (science education, San Diego State U.) and O'Brien (science education, SUNY--Binghamton) have compiled this collection of educational strategy and philosophy for elementary teachers, intended to help address concerns that the U.S.
The database of the Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro Herbarium (JABOT) was consulted to determine some host/rust relationships.
* Fusion Brands Inc., in partnership with Sony Pictures, and CBS Consumer Products, has launched Jabot Cosmetics, one of the first fictional beauty brands to become available for purchase to consumers.
Here Swarnalata Ghose wears a stylish gown - maybe a riding habit with a high neck and jabot - as well as a sola topi (sun hat made of sola pith), while Monomohan is in a three-piece suit, complete with watch-chain.
(5.) De Jonghe B, Bastuji-Garin S, Fangio P, Lacherade JC, Jabot J, Appere-de-Vecchi C et al.
isolados Laranja-Pera PC 24 Laranja-Pera FLP 11 Laranja-Azeda LAC 9 Lima-acida Tahiti LC 26 Mangueira M e MC 20 Mangueira MM 22 Goiabeira G 25 Goiabeira GM 10 Goiabeira GF 3 Goiabeira GP 3 Eucalipto Eu 12 Pitangueira Pit 24 Jabuticabeira Jabot 5 Numero total 197 de isolados TABELA 2--Numero de isolados por grupo de acordo com hospedeiro e resposta ao teste do meio aveiaagar, e distancia genetica apresentada pelos isolados de um mesmo grupo.
Jabot, a lady falls in love with an unseen stranger after she misinterprets a sequence of sounds coming from the inn room adjacent to hers as symptoms of Romantic fever.
Contrary to these directives, Ghulam Qadir Jabot, DG Employment task forces had started making appointments on these posts against merit.
Cover picture : Matthew wears tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130; black pirate boots, pounds 295; Kaydee wears purple dress, pounds 315; black elevated court shoes, pounds 300; three-row pearl drop choker, pounds 300; and black Ascot bag, pounds 370 Code: cl040907fashion-6; Tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130 Code: cl040907fashion-1; Jabot dress, pounds 210; Jabot coat, pounds 485; black Mary Janes, pounds 270; Fleet bag, pounds 350; black belt, pounds 150 Code: cl040907fashion-12
Notable examples include Peri's Austrian of heavyweight silk dupioni tuck; Springs' Dutchess Satin three-piece jabot and toga-top treatments; and Richloom's opulent Medici group in gold and burgundy.
The velvet jacket, lace jabot, hairy sporran, and so on should only be worn, if at all, for occasions such as weddings and investitures.
Pundits often wonder, If she will be the first Chief Justice to wear a jabot. Stephen G.