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nonsensical language (according to Lewis Carroll)

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Coverage includes the origins and history of nonsense, an overview of the critical literature on nonsense, defining nonsense, nonsense in the translation of the Jabberwocky, the translation of limericks, the function of nonsense in dialogue in the Alice books, varieties of nonsense, and ways and means of translating nonsense.
She's teemed up with a 15-feet-tall, vicious Jabberwocky and is wreaking havoc.
While Miro seemed to be getting modernism right by becoming flatter and flatter, Dali got everything wrong by becoming deeper and deeper--and, even worse, seducing viewers with crowd-pleasing jabberwocky narrative and hyperrealist illusions, anathema to the religion of modernism.
1987), which pleasantly cuts through the slithy Jabberwocky of legalese, to state, "We are convinced that in the ordinary case, deputy commissioners, [now called judges of compensation claims], by reason of their experience, are well qualified to determine the reasonableness of attorneys' fees without the opinion of an expert on the subject.
But perhaps you should print a minor correction, for the benefit of youngsters like Phil Zarrow, who were not schooled in the days when students were expected to memorize poems ("Beware the Jabberwocky," August 2003).
Michael Whistler said Big Monkey was inspired by Jabberwocky, a popular card and gift store near the hospital, which closed several months ago.
The Monty Python star was upset when the 4ft statue of Lewis Carroll's storybook Jabberwocky was snatched from his garden in Holland Park, West London.
The monster model was made for the film Jabberwocky, directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Michael Palin.
Alice, without a vorpal blade, faces the Jabberwocky.
No publicity is bad publicity Gerald Ratner, the victim of his own joke about the value of the jewellery he sold, sympathises with the Prime Minister on her calamitous conference speech It was a very dirty time in my life TV's Michael Palin describes the vicissitudes of making the comedy film Jabberwocky 40 years ago
I then created a series of 6 different reflected words, including the Jabberwocky poem, Humpty Dumpty, Alice, two Through the Looking Glass variations, & Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
It's free to enter and then you can buy from the likes of Bournville Waffle Company (below), The Flying Cows (burgers), Cafe Horchata, The Jabberwocky (gourmet toasties) and Indian Rasoi.
Tim Burton turns Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky into a 3D free-for-all.