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Synonyms for jabbering

rapid and indistinct speech


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It was in a state of mind superinduced by these conditions that La led forth her jabbering company to retrieve the sacred emblem of her high office and wreak vengeance upon the author of her wrongs.
If jabbering on was a competitive sport I have no doubt she would be Welsh, UK, European, World and Olympic champion and set chatty standards other children would struggle to emulate.
Actually, I'm just a jabbering jay, but I love to imitate hawks and other birds."
I step onto a bus and fellow passengers seem to be jabbering away to themselves after weird music tones, and now the family car has a satellite machine removing any chance for conversation.
I was But it didn't do any of that stuff - I was blithely filling the airspace like a babbling commercial radio station DJ, jabbering on about nothing at all because I felt I had to.
Betfred (and other independents, no doubt) have no such jabbering verbal diarroheaists in their employ, just the dulcet tones of those esteemed gentlemen at SIS giving sensible narration to all televised horse and greyhound races.
TALKING of talking, who exactly is Hull boss Phil Brown jabbering away to with that ridiculous headset he sports on the touchline.