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the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet

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Barclay Izzard was the next best of the Brits; finishing fifth in 1:36:06 following a solid all-round performance, with Dijkstra in 38th place in a time of 1:42:28.
It comes five years after his last tour, Force Majeure, and Izzard, right, says the dates could be his last for a while before he takes some time off for a political life.
Izzard, 56, a prominent Remain campaigner, said: "The European Union was set up to stop world wars, and people have forgotten that.
As well as Izzard, who co-wrote the screenplay, and Dench, the drama will also star British actor Jim Broadbent.
Dame Judie Dench has been seen enjoying some local ice cream at the Tesco store in Carmarthen and in Merlin's Walk Shopping Centre, while Izzard has been spotted keeping his fitness up with regular swims at the local leisure centre.
Izzard, who was appointment to the party's ruling national executive committee after the resignation of Christine Shawcroft, said the issue had to be dealt with "for the good of the people Labour seeks to represent".
Izzard, 56, has said he wanted a place on the NEC to "break down barriers" and "boost inclusivity".
As officers pinned the man to the floor, Izzard retrieved the colourful garment and replaced it on his head.
Izzard said he jumped on the culprit to get it back.
Izzard, who's starred in a slew of British television shows and movies, has been gaining political momentum for months. After raising AaAaAeAe[pounds sterling]1.6m for Sport Relief in March by running 27 marathons acro South Africa for 27 days to honor all the years Nelson Mandela spent in jail, Izzard revealed he was moving forward with his plans to join the Labour Party and run for office.
A VOTE to leave the European Union will likely trigger the break-up of the UK, comedian Eddie Izzard warned yesterday.
COMEDIAN Eddie Izzard has been announced as the winner of the Outstanding Achievement award at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.
COMEDIAN Eddie Izzard said running 27 marathons in 27 days was "the hardest thing I've ever done."
Eddie Izzard at Nelson Mandela's statue in Pretoria
ASPIRING politician Eddie Izzard has not ruled out standing as an MP in Wales when he finally takes the plunge into politics.